Install Nvidia Quadro series graphics card driver in Ubuntu 15.04

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Install Nvidia Quadro series graphics card driver in Ubuntu 15.04

Before that, I used Ubuntu as the default driver of the system. Since there is no resolution problem, I have not installed the Nvidia driver;

After the recent update to Ubuntu 15.04, regular videos in avi format flash and flash all the time;

Therefore, check whether the video card driver needs to be updated. At first, I found a lot of methods to update the Nvidia driver. I wrote a lot of commands and the result was not able to be installed. I always prompted that nouveau is in use and cannot be disabled;

Later, the system was directly updated with the built-in source ~ The command is as follows:

Sudo apt-get update

Sudo apt-get install nvidia-331

After you press enter, you will see a long list. The system automatically downloads many files and waits until the installation is complete;

After the installation is complete, enter a command to check whether the installation is successful:

Dpkg-l | grep nvidia

If the following content appears, the installation is successful ~

Ii nvidia-331 340.76-0ubuntu2 amd64 Transitional package for nvidia-331
Ii nvidia-340 340.76-0ubuntu2 amd64 NVIDIA binary driver-version 340.76
Ii nvidia-opencl-icd-340 340.76-0ubuntu2 amd64 NVIDIA OpenCL ICD
Ii nvidia-prime 0.8.1 amd64 Tools to enable NVIDIA's Prime
Ii nvidia-settings 346.59-0ubuntu1 amd64 Tool for inserting the NVIDIA graphics driver

You can also view the graphics card driver information in "system settings" -- "details". I allocated 30 GB space for this Ubuntu instance, therefore, you can use other software to expand the space capacity:

Ubuntu is a new desktop with a shortcut installed below. Ubuntu is beautiful and easy to use ~ It only takes a little time to configure. Later, Ubuntu with higher integration will be released, which will be more convenient to use.

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