Install GNVM (under Windows Nodejs Version management tool)

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Some are written in front, why do you put this? In the first two days of watching Avalon video, there is a front-end build tool Fekit that describes where to go. I am this person, curiosity is particularly strong, I intend to install use to see. At the time of installation it prompts for node version 0.8.x, so I chose NVMW (it was successfully installed in the company), Saturday at home installed but has been error, found no file or anything. I don't know if it's related to the XP I still use antique.

So I chose the gnvm of my countrymen and found it on GitHub. But it has not been maintained since last year, and there are not many stars.

GNVM installation is very smooth, mainly the author's installation steps written in very detailed. Finally, I installed the node0.8 version, finally can install Fekit!!! Excited!!! Happy!!!

However, I found that .... During installation It also prompts for a NPM package that requires node version to be 0.10+, is this kidding me?!!

=================== I am the following is the split line of the installation steps ==================

Put an address:

After the download is complete, the installation tutorial recommended that I put gnvm.exe in the node. js directory so that you can use GNVM:

View the GNVM version, the first time you use the GNVM command, it will prompt you to do a GNVM initialization configuration

Then install the Nodejs

To set the current version:

You can also list all versions:

Install GNVM (under Windows Nodejs Version management tool)

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