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The following is an introduction from the official website of mercurial, which may help you better understand the advantages of the distributed version control system:

Mercurial is a lightweight distributed version control system, which is implemented in Python, easy to learn and use, and highly scalable. It is an open-source project authorized by GNU General Public License (GPL. Compared with traditional version control, it has the following advantages:

    • Easier management. Traditional version control systems use centralized repository. Some repository-related management can only be performed by the Administrator. Because of the distributed model, mercurial has no such troubles. Every user manages their own repository, and the Administrator only needs to coordinate and synchronize these repository.
    • More robust system. Distributed systems are more robust than centralized single-server systems. Once a single-server system encounters a server problem, the entire system cannot run. distributed systems are generally not affected by one or two nodes.
    • Less dependent on the network. Because synchronization can be performed at any time and mercurial can be managed offline, you only need to synchronize data when there is a network connection.
In fact, I have long wanted to toss mercurial, but I haven't made any time since I have been busy recently. It took some time over the weekend to install mercurial on my VPs. My VPs is centos. Here we will introduce the general process of installing mercurial in centos: Since mercurial is developed by python, installation and running are not supported by python. In fact, the current Linux system basically has built-in python, but you need to confirm that your Python version must be above 2.4. In addition, you also need to compile the python header files during installation. Therefore, in centos, you also need to install the python-devel package, that is, run the command Yum Insall Python-develmercurial: currently, the latest version is 1.8.4 installation process is as follows: ? View code bash

# Download the installation package, decompress it, and enter the mercurial installation package directory.MakeAllMake InstallHg debuginstall

After installation, the following error may be prompted:

Run Hg debuginstall again.

Checking username...

No username supplied (see "Hg help config ")

(Specify a username in your. hgrc file)

1 problems detected, please check your install!

Don't worry. This is because of configuration file problems. You need to configure the default configuration file. hgrc

The installation package comes with a sample. hgrc, you can refer to its format, in the corresponding directory, create. in the hgrc file, enter your username and email address as your information. Run the Hg debuginstall command again to check whether the installation is successful. After successful, the following similar information is displayed:

Checking encoding (UTF-8 )...

Checking extensions...

Checking templates...

Checking patch...

Patching file Hg-debuginstall-wcoues

Checking commit editor...

Checking username...

No problems detected

OK! After successful installation, you can run the Hg command to start your mercurial journey!

TheArticle, I will give a general introduction to the usage of Hg ......



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