Install mini2440 in android2.1

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Visible I posted on friendlyarm: Tid = 9343

The Android kernel source code has been downloaded from the Forum. The root file system is also made by cool people on the Forum. As an early stage of learning android, I first download the Android kernel using previous documents, first, you have a preliminary understanding, and then you need to keep learning to create your own file system and be familiar with the android kernel source code.


This time I don't feel deeply, and I'm writing a fever step directly. My mini2440 is an old version. The date in the user manual is January February. 64 m RAM 64 m
Flash, NEC touch screen.

Summary: I checked the root file system into the SD card and downloaded the kernel through supervivi. Since my supervivi is also an old version, I made some modifications to the kernel.
1. Burn the kernel image provided on the Forum and it will die during booting.
Kernel: The moderator said that the mach_type has an error. In the kernel source code, change the number of the S3C2440 line corresponding to arch/ARM/tool/mach_types to 782 (originally 1999), and then re-compile the kernel, for images, see the attachment.
2, refer to the Forum tutorial will be the root file system into the SD card: Tid-2903.html. After the examination, you need to add the permission to the linuxrc file: chmod
775 linuxrc; otherwise, Kernel panic-not syncing: No init found. Try passing init =
Kernel problems.
3. After step 2, go to supervivi and press B to start Android. The first four characters of Android are displayed, followed by the UI.
4. There is another problem, that is, the touch screen does not respond. I would like to ask the moderator if the touch screen model is incorrect. (Is the file system provided on the Forum targeted at tongbao LCD, and I am an nec LCD ).

1, source code download: Tid-5600.html
2, SD card start step: Tid-2903.html
3, step 2 corresponding problem solution reference:
4, I encountered problems in the burning write process, send ask post Tid-9331.html

Finally, I would like to thank the moderator mindee and the netizen 3107002944 for their help.

PS: I have just started learning about android. I still need to ask you later. Please help me a lot. Thank you.

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