Install Nginx 1.13.6 on CentOS 7.2

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Install Nginx 1.13.6 on CentOS 7.2

This article describes how to install Nginx in Linux. the Linux system is CentOS 7.2.

1. Download Nginx from the official Nginx website. The version used here is 1.13.6.

2. Upload the downloaded Nginx to Linux. The/opt/nginx directory is used as an example. Run tar-zxvf nginx-1.13.6.tar.gz to decompress the package.

3. Switch to the/opt/nginx/nginx-1.13.6 directory and run./configure for Initialization Configuration. If the following prompt is displayed, it means that PCRE is not installed on the machine, and Nginx needs to depend on PCRE. You need to install PCRE manually, as shown in.

Install pcre:

PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) is a lightweight Perl function library, including a perl-Compatible Regular Expression Library. It is much smaller than the regular expression library such as Boost. PCRE is very easy to use and has powerful functions. Its performance exceeds the POSIX Regular Expression Library and some classic Regular Expression Libraries.

1. First go to this to download pcre, where the download version is 8.40.

2. Upload pcre-8.40.tar.gz to the/opt/pcre directory, run tar-zxvf pcre-8.40.tar.gz, decompress the pcre-8.40 directory, and then run the chmod-R 777 pcre-8.40 to grant all read and write permissions to the current folder.

3. Go to the/pcre-8.40 directory, run./configure for Initialization Configuration, print a bunch of information, if the following prompt appears, because the C ++ compiler is missing.

Solution: run the yum-y install gcc-c ++ command to install the C ++ compiler.

After the C ++ compiler is installed successfully, run./configure.

4. Execute the make operation to compile.

5. Execute the make install command. Now the pcre installation is complete.

Continue back to the/opt/nginx/nginx-1.13.6 directory and run. /configure to initialize the nginx configuration, and print the following information to prove the success. The red arrow points to the address that is the path when nginx is started.

(Note: When you run./configure for nginx Initialization Configuration, you can use the following command to add an ssl module:

./Configure -- prefix =/usr/local/nginx -- with-http_ssl_module

If openssl is not installed before executing the preceding command, the following message is displayed:

./Configure: error: SSL modules require the OpenSSL library.

In this case, run yum-y install openssl-devel. After openssl is installed, the above operations can be performed smoothly)

4. Run make install to install

5. Run./nginx in the/usr/local/nginx/sbin directory to start nginx.

6. test whether the installation and startup are successful. Enter the Server IP Address: Port (80 by default) in the browser. If shown, the installation and startup are successful.

Common nginx commands:

View nginx processes: ps-ef | grep nginx

Start nginx and run:./nginx in the/usr/local/nginx/sbin directory.

Disable nginx: In the/usr/local/nginx/sbin directory, run:./nginx-s quit.

The nginx configuration file is in/usr/local/nginx/conf/nginx. conf, when the configuration file nginx. after the conf is modified, restart nginx to make the configuration take effect. /nginx-s reload can make the modified configuration take effect, so you do not need to stop and start it again.

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