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Open Online education platform EdX opened in June this year, when the Google group method "clean install on Ubuntu Server 12.04" in a brand new VPS installed A, although the final installation was successful, but also spent some trouble, Finally, the overall impression of the edx system is somewhat bloated, dependent on too much, not too lightweight.

A few days ago a friend of Peking University in the installation of EdX and I exchanged a bit, he eventually through a direct installation of a complete set of EdX mirror method "Quick Start to working with the EdX Platform" under the Windows virtual Machine installed successfully. Didn't care much about it at the time, recently picked up the edx this set of open source platform, the first thing or edx installation problem, this time thought of the installation of mirror this relatively simple method, so suit in their own Mac installed on the edx open source system, the whole process has not encountered any problems, relatively easy to start, Friends who want to play edx open source platform Try this method first in this computer. Here is my simple record, for Mac OS system, other systems please download the appropriate files for installation:

1. Installation VirtualBox

Download Address: Https://

I downloaded the 4.2.16 version of the DMG file: VirtualBox 4.2.16 for OS X hosts

2. Installation vagrant

Download Address:

I downloaded the v1.2.7 version of the DMG file: VAGRANT-1.2.7.DMG

3, to establish the relevant directory and download the EDX Course Sample:

mkdir mitx-vagrant
CD Mitx-vagrant
mkdir data

Finally download edx4edx_lite to the data directory, about Edx4edx:

This is a set of source content and code for an EdX course about the EdX system. Included are demo problems for option, multiple choice, string, numerical, formula, symbolic math, image, custom (python s Cript graded) response, and schematic response problems.

4. Download the edx image file and initialize and start the virtual machine (in the Mitx-vagrant directory):

A, download this 3.4G image:

B, vargrant initialization: Vagrant init MITXVM

Vagrant Init MITXVM
A ' Vagrantfile ' has been placed in this directory. are now
Ready to ' vagrant up ' your A-environment! Please read
The comments in the Vagrantfile as-documentation on
' ' For more information on using vagrant

C, Startup environment: vagrant up
It took some time and almost thought it was a problem:

Bringing machine ' default ' up with ' VirtualBox ' provider ...
[Default] Box ' MITXVM ' is not found. Fetching box from specified URL for
The provider ' VirtualBox '. Note this if the URL does not have
A box for this provider, your should interrupt vagrant now and add
The box yourself. Otherwise vagrant would attempt to download the
Full box prior to discovering this error.
Downloading or copying the box ...
Extracting box...te:18.4m/s, estimated time remaining:0:00:01)
Successfully added box ' MITXVM ' with provider ' VirtualBox '!
[Default] Importing base box ' MITXVM ' ...
[Default] Matching MAC address for NAT networking ...
[Default] Setting the name of the VM ...
[Default] Clearing any previously set forwarded ports ...
[Default] Creating Shared Folders Metadata ...
[Default] Clearing any previously set network interfaces ...
[Default] Preparing network interfaces based on configuration ...
[Default] Forwarding ports ...
[Default]-22 => 2222 (Adapter 1)
[default]-80 => 8080 (adapter 1)
[default]-81 => 8081 (Adapter 1)
[Default] Running ' Pre-Boot ' VM customizations ...
[Default] Booting VM ...
[Default] Waiting for VM to boot. This can take a few minutes.
[Default] VM booted and ready for use!
[Default] Configuring and enabling network Interfaces ...
[Default] Mounting Shared Folders ...

5, after the above work is completed, you can access the corresponding site under the local LAN:
Http:// (Learning Management system, that is, the student's system, we see on the EdX Open class platform, this local site is currently only Edx4edx sample course)
Http:// (Studio) (Content management system, which is the system you can use to try to edit and create a course in this class)
Http:// (Studio)
Http:// (Studio)

This time you can play the EdX platform on the local machine, if you want to log in, the username and password are as follows:

You could login to the system using a pre-created User: (email "xadmin@mitxvm.local", password "xadmin"); If you create your own user, to active the user use the "xmanage" command (the "" below).

The second half means that this virtual image provides a xmanage management tool that you can use to view related commands and account information through the following vagrant commands:

Vagrant Ssh-xmanage Help

Welcome to the Mitx/edx instance management tool

Commands available:

Restart-lms–restart the LMS (for vagrant boxes, running at
This would force re-loading of course data
Restart-cms–restart the CMS (aka The Studio System)
Restart-edge–restart The Edge server (part of the Studio system)
Restart-preview–restart the preview server (part of the Studio system)

Restart-xqueue–restart the Xqueue main system
Restart-consumer–restart the Xqueue Consumer
Restart-xserver–restart the Xserver (Python code grader)

Logs–view lines of log file for
AppName should be one of the LMS, CMS, Edge, Preview, Xserver, xqueue

Activate–activate user specified by username
Setstaff–make user (specified by username) into staff

Update-mitx–update MITX System code (use with care!)
Update–update This management script (from the repo)
Help–print out this message, as as as and local NOTES.txt file
Notes file:
Welcome to the ODL MITx vagrant Box

The following services are available:

HTTP://–MITX Studio System
HTTP://–MITX Edge System
HTTP://–MITX Preview System

Pre-defined users:

EdX user=xadmin, email=xadmin@mitxvm.local, pw=xadmin
EdX user=guest, email=guest@guest.local, pw=guest

Finally, EdX offers two main ways to create and manage courses that interested students can look at:

There are two main workflows can use to develop courseware:

LMS (+github)-edit XML Files of courses in the data directory, then click ' Reload Course from XML files ' in the INSTR Uctor Dashboard (under the Admin tab). The course files may is stored in GitHub, and a webhook configured to make the LMS automatically update upon checkins ("GI Treload "). EdX documentation of XML formats.

Studio-create course using the Web-based interface, and view on the Preview ("Draft") and Edge ("Live") sites. Beware that's the Studio system is really meant for single-author work; It loses all history, and there are no visibility for what changes are being made by authors. But Studio is WYSIWYG and gives fast feedback, so it can be a good way to start.

Note: Original articles, reproduced please indicate the source "Curriculum map Blog":

This article link address: the open source online education platform EdX a simple method

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