Install Oracle 10g + RAC in RedHat 5.5

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Install Oracle 10g + RAC in RedHat 5.5

The cost is relatively low, the technology is mature, and the function is powerful. This solution will become more and more favored by small and medium-sized enterprises.

I. Preparations before the experiment

Virtual Machine version: VMware server1.0.6

Linux version: RedHat 5.5 Enterprise Server version

Oracle 10g 10.2.1

Oracle cluster software: Clusterware

There is no good solution for the VMware Workstation version on the shared disk. There may be some driver problems when installing VMware server on Windows 7. This experiment is completed on the XP system, and the virtual machine ip address and host name configuration are given.

Node1: Host Name rac1

Nic 1ip192. 168.100.100

Nic 2ip192. 168.200.100

Virtual ip192.168.2.100

Node2 host name rac2

Nic 1ip192. 168.100.101

Nic 2ip192. 168.200.101

Virtual ip192.168.2.101

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Steps for installing Oracle 11gR2 in vmwarevm

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Ii. Virtual Machine configuration and linux Installation

In this experiment, you only need to configure one master node to use vware to configure the virtual machine. The configuration in the virtual machine is as follows:

Hard Disk Configuration:

This configuration is a key configuration. By default, a disk is configured. the disk size is 20 GB. The disk is a server disk of rac1, including the installation of the linux System and the installation of the oracle software on the disk.

You also need to allocate four other disks: 2: ocr, 3: vote4, 5: asm

The sizes are 100 M, 100 M, 2G, and 2G, respectively.

The disk segment is: 1, SCSI0: 02, SCSI1: 13, SCSI1: 24, SCSI1: 35, SCSI1: 4 and 2-5. You must select the independent-persisant option in advanced.

* Notes for hard disk allocation: Select the "LSILogin" method for all I/O adapters.

* Select "SCSI" for all disk types. If you select an IDE disk, vware can only Virtualize four disks, and the rac environment requires five disks. Because it is implemented in a virtual machine, we recommend that you configure 2-5 disks to other directories.

The two disks must be used when installing the clusterware software, that is, the ocr and vote disks required by the ORACLERAC, which are displayed as bare devices, there are two other disks we want to use to store data files as shared disks, that is, the asm disk.

Nic Configuration:

Two NICs are required in the rac environment. Of course, three NICs can be created to interact with the pc. Facilitate transmission of files and other content

The network card type is Bridged. This type of NIC is equal to the same independent NIC in the VM. It can communicate with the host or the Internet. The following is a Configuration:

Install linux on a virtual machine

When linux is installed in a virtual machine, all disks except 0: 0 are not involved in the partition. For example, only the sda option is selected. If you like to attach a disk. For convenience, only one disk is attached.

For ip configuration, eth0: ip192.168.100.100

Eth1: ip192.168.200.100

Eth2: Select Automatic Retrieval

We recommend that you install the service. We do not fully understand the association between packages.

Disk. locking = "false"

DiskLib. dataCacheMaxSize = "0"

DiskLib. datachemaxreadaheadsize = "0"

DiskLib. DataCacheMinReadAheadSize = "0"

DiskLib. dataCachePageSize = "4096"

DiskLib. maxUnsyncedWrites = "0"

Scsi1: 1. deviceType = "disk"

Scsi1: 2. deviceType = "disk"

Scsi1: 3. deviceType = "disk"

Scsi1: 4. deviceType = "disk"

Iii. Linux Configuration

File Configuration

1. Edit the/etc/hosts file and add the following content:

2. Create a group named oinstall, dba, and oracle.




If a non-Virtual Machine is installed, record the user and group ID. When creating a group with the same name on another machine, make sure that the Group ID and user ID are the same.

Set the oracle user password (the password is also set to oracle)


3. Configure the bash_profile file of the oralce user

ExportTMP =/tmp

ExportTMPDIR = $ TMP

ExportORACLE_BASE =/opt/ora10g

ExportORACLE_HOME = $ ORACLE_BASE/product/10.2.0/db_1


ExportORACLE_TERM = xterm

ExportPATH =/usr/sbin: $ PATH

ExportPATH = $ ORACLE_HOME/bin: $ PATH

ExportLD_LIBRARY_PATH = $ ORACLE_HOME/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin




2. Create the/opt/ora10g directory. Pay attention to the permissions of the directory owner or oracle users.

[Root @ rac1 ~] # Mkdir/opt/ora10g

Since this directory is mainly operated by oracle users, we change its owner to oracle

[Root @ rac1 ~] # Chownoracle. oinstall/opt/ora10g

3. Configure Kernel Parameters

[Root @ rac1 ~] # Vi/etc/sysctl. conf

Add or modify the following content

Kernel. shmmni = 4096

Kernel. sem = 25032000100128

Fs. file-max = 65536

Net. ipv4.ip _ local_port_range = 102465000

Net. core. rmem_default = 1048576

Net. core. rmem_max = 1048576

Net. core. wmem_default = 262144

Net. core. wmem_max = 262144

[Root @ rac1 ~] # Sysctl-p

Make settings take effect

4. Improve shell restrictions for Oracle users

Set the file count permission for oracle

Vi/etc/security/limits. conf

Add the following content





Modify security restrictions

Vi/etc/pam. d/login



Configure the Hangcheck Timer

Vi/etc/rc. local


Modprobehangcheck-timerhangcheck-tick = 30hangcheck_margin = 180

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