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I really want to write down my Oracle Installation Process as an accumulation of learning oracle + linux.

Environment: VMmachine

Version: Linux + oracle,

Linux: Red Hat linux release 9 (Shrike), kernel 2.420-8 on an i686


1. Install the samba package. Put the third redhad CD,



Rpm-ivh rpmdb-redhat-9-0.20030313.i386.rpm

Then replace it with the first disc.


Rpm-ivh -- aid samba *. rpm

Now that the samba package has been installed and configured, you can copy the oracle Installation Package on the host to linux. If you need to burn it into a CD, the above step can be omitted, and the environment variables can be directly installed after being configured.

For more information about Samba configuration, see samba installation and configuration in linux.

2. the decompression process is as follows:

[Root @ ORACLE2 root] # ls/wzy/share

Ship_9204_linux_disk1.cpio.gz ship_9204_linux_disk3.cpio.gz


[Root @ ORACLE2 root] # cd/wzy/share/

[Root @ ORACLE2 share] # gunzip ship_9204_linux_disk1.cpio.gz

[Root @ ORACLE2 share] # gunzip ship_9204_linux_disk2.cpio.gz

[Root @ ORACLE2 share] # gunzip ship_9204_linux_disk3.cpio.gz

[Root @ ORACLE2 share] # ls

Ship_9204_linux_disk1.cpio ship_9204_linux_disk3.cpio


[Root @ ORACLE2 share] #

Enter cpio-idmv <ship_9204_linux_disk1.cpio, cpio-idmv <ship_9204_linux_disk2.cpio, cpio-idmv <strong, extract three files in the current directory: Disk1, Disk2, Disk3

[Root @ ORACLE2 share] # df-h

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use % Mounted on

/Dev/sda1 7.6 GB 3.8G 3.4G 53%/

None 125 M 0 125 M 0%/dev/shm

[Root @ ORACLE2 share] # ls

Disk1 Disk3 ship_9204_linux_disk2.cpio

Disk2 ship_9204_linux_disk1.cpio ship_9204_linux_disk3.cpio

[Root @ ORACLE2 share] # rm-f s *

[Root @ ORACLE2 share] # ls

Disk1 Disk2 Disk3

[Root @ ORACLE2 share] #

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