Install PLSQL 8.0

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1. Software plsqldev8.0 directory, instantclient-basic-win32- directory, tnsnames. ora (this is a configuration file, configure Oracle server information, is a text file, can be modified, add your own ORACLE Server)

2. Execute the Installation File plsqldev801.exe in the plsqldev8.0directory, and install pl SQL developer under c: \ Program Files \ PLSQL developer.

3, put the instantclient-basic-win32- in a convenient management directory, such as D :\

4. Copy tnsnames. ora to D: \ instantclient-basic-win32- \ Network \ admin

5. Start PLSQL developer, select "cancel", and select "Tools"-> "preferences... ", configure Oracle Home to" D: \ instantclient-basic-win32- ", OCI library to" D: \ instantclient-basic-win32- \ OCI. DLL"

6. log on to PLSQL developer again. You can select a server in the tnsnames. ora configuration file to log on.

7. At this time, the system prompts an error "nls_lang is not defined on the client". Ignore it first. To execute the SQL statement, select "file"-> "SQL unknown WN ", you can open a window, enter the SQL statement, select with the mouse, and press the "F8" button to execute. (Note that there may be very few records displayed at a time, but there is actually a lot of data)

8. Set the environment variable nls_lang. The variable value is simplified chinese_china.zhs16gbk, and enter PLSQL again. No error will be prompted at this time.



//////////////////////////////////////// // Summary Procedure //////////////////////////////////// ///////////////

1. Download and unzip the Oracle Instant Client package

2. Add environment variables tns_admin and nls_lang

3. Download and install PLSQL and go to tools> preference> set the path of Oracle Home and OCI. dll.

4. Add the tnsnames. ora file to connect to the database.


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