Install Postfix + domainkey

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System: centos5.1

Download Software

Http:// milter-1.0.0.tar.gz

Install DK-milter
Tar-zxf dk-milter-1.0.0.tar.gz

CD dk-milter-1.0.0

Sh build-C

Sh build install

Detailed Parameters
DK-filter: Usage: DK-filter-P socketfile [Options]
-A peerlist file containing list of hosts to ignore
-A auto-Restart
-B modes select Operating Modes
-C canon canonicalization to use when signing
-C config configuration Info (see man page)
-D domlist domains to sign
-D also sign subdomains
-F don't fork-and-exit
-H append identifying Header
-H sign with explicit header lists
-I ilist file containing list of internal (signing) hosts
-I elist file containing list of external domain clients
-K load a key set instead of a single key
-L log activity to System Log
-M mtalist MTA daemon names for which to sign
-M macrolist MTA macros which enable signing
-O hdrlist list of headers to omit from signing
-P pidfile file to which to write PID
-R generate verification failure reports
-S Keyfile location of secret key file
-S selector to use when signing
-U userid change to specified userid
-V print version number and terminate

Copy gentxt. Sh to/usr/bin/
Cp dk-filter/gentxt. CSH/usr/bin/gentxt. Sh

Generate the TXT record key
/Usr/bin/gentxt. Sh default

Default ._DomainkeyIn TXT "k = RSA; t = y; P = logs/sadgsgwmjxjqunmqvcp4dkao3xmljsirdx3kjrz1wju + vre5yefrofucaweaaq ="; ----- domainkey default for

Add the TXT record generated above to the zone of

Copy the generated default. Private

Cp dk-filter/Default. Private/tmail/dkim-milter/ _ default. Key. pem

Edit main. cf

VI/tmail/Postfix/etc/Main. cf

Smtpd_milters = Inet: localhost: 8891
Non_smtpd_milters = Inet: localhost: 8891

Start dkfilter

/Usr/bin/DK-filter-l-P Inet: 8891 @ localhost-D _ default. Key. pem-s default

Send an email to for testing.DomainkeyPass?
If everything is normal, you can see it in the mail header of
Authentication-Results: from =;
DomainkeyS = pass (OK)

Domainkey-Signature: A = rsa-sha1; S = default; D =; C = simple; q = DNS; B = oycntaj + export cf0xpfxoqrai1tnzojaba =

Sender: <>
Yahoo! The domain name key has been confirmed this email is from Learn more

Http:// Highlight = Abel


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