Install QT5 and QtCreator in ubuntu

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This is the first blog I wrote. The reason is very simple. I want to record the problem I encountered during my study. When my classmates or colleagues encounter it in the future, quick Solution ~ However, this problem has never been solved very well ~ Next, let's review the previous problems.

Q1: Install the QtSDK directly on the official QT website. /XXX. after run, the first executable program of QtCreator cannot be found, and the second is in a very deep path:/opt/Qt5.1.1/Tools/QtCreator/bin $. /qtcreator can easily find the executable program. At this time, another problem occurs:

S3: Now your virtual machine is just as capable of dial-up Internet access as a real machine. Of course, how can a large ubuntu system not support dial-up Internet access ~ The DSL option is available in the network settings in the upper right corner. enter your account password ~! Having said so many questions, it seems like I have gone through ~ To put it bluntly, we installed Qt. Unfortunately, I used to search for something using Baidu. I accidentally went to google and searched for the ubuntu qt keywords, then I came out with an article, and then I realized that Baidu is actually better than google... In fact, Baidu still has many articles about this, but it cannot solve the problem. However, the article found on a G is very good,... After reading this, you will know: It's all about foreign languages! If you can understand it, read the article. If you are not familiar with foreign languages, continue to read it ~ Next we will extract the foreign article. Qt5 is installed. First, update your apt-get: sudo apt-get install synaptic and install all the files to be installed at one time. The command is here: sudo apt-get install qt4-dev-tools libqt4-dev libqt4-core libqt4-gui
Sudo apt-get install build-essential
Sudo apt-get install "^ libxcb. *" libx11-xcb-dev libglu1-mesa-dev libxrender-dev
Download the QtSDK on the official website. In fact, 32-bit is good. Of course, it is better according to the number of digits on your computer (ubuntu viewing the number of digits on the computer command :): I'm using Qt 5.1.1 for Linux 32-bit (417 MB)After the download, change the permission and open your download directory first ~ /Downloads and then sudo chmod u + x at this time, you can run this installation package... ? You may find that there is still a problem. One reason is that your directory contains Chinese characters. If you want to use Qt in the future, you can go through the directory. /, at this time, it is the same as the installation of the program in windows, of course, remember that the default directory you install seems to be/opt/Qt5.1.1 this directory, after the installation, do not rush to run it. Modify the permission of this directory. Otherwise, various permission denied commands will be executed: sudo-s chmod-R 777/opt/Qt5.0.2sudo-s chmod-R 777/home/

Finally, add the bin directory of Qt to the System PATH, PATH =/opt/export PATH. Then you can go to your DashHome (which is actually the Start menu under win) find the QtCreator in it. Feel it ~
Finishing Success ~ I hope everyone will be on the way forward, and the more frustrated!

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