Install Rclone in Centos 7 and use commands to synchronize files on foreign network Disks

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Install Rclone in Centos 7 and use commands to synchronize files on foreign network Disks

Domestic network disks are unreliable, so it is a waste of effort. Except for 115 network disks, I think it is slag, but it is expensive and how long can it survive; if you want to store important data, I personally think it is much more reliable to use overseas network disks. Although free capacity expansion is limited, the figure shows that security is guaranteed and data is priceless!

Rclone is an open-source program on Github. It is responsible for uploading, downloading, and synchronizing the artifacts used by mainstream network disks abroad on linux servers; support for the following foreign network disks: Google Drive, Amazon S3, Openstack Swift/Rackspace cloud files/Memset Memstore, Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage, Amazon Drive, Microsoft One Drive, Hubic, backblapze B2, and Yandex Disk, The local filesystem;

In the afternoon, I used a server with Centos 7 installed in the LAN in my home in the Mainland, and run the Rclone command to upload and download some files on the Google hard disk for testing. The results were quite unsatisfactory, below is my installation record diary;

Netizens give up the unreliable online storage in China. It's much better to use overseas online storage. If you don't move, you will get stuck at the same speed limit as your dog. If you don't move, you will get a harmonious file, and you won't stop running, the focus is on speed and speed;

1. Download and decompress RcloneCurl-O install unzip-yunzip rclone-current-linux-amd64.zipcdrclone-v1.35-linux-amd64

Ii. Copying binary filesCp rclone/usr/sbin/chown root: root/usr/sbin/rclonechmod 755/usr/sbin/rclone

3. Install manpageMkdir-p/usr/local/share/man/man1cp rclone.1/usr/local/share/man/man1/manb4. Create an rclone config FileRclone config

Returned information:14:25:41 Config file "/root/. rclone. conf" not found-using defaultsNo remotes found-make a new onen) New remotes) Set configuration passwordq) Quit config

Select N to create a new configuration

Name> googledrive

Give the configuration a name. I chose googledrive.

Type of storage to configure. choose a number from below, or type in your own value1/Amazon Drive \ "amazon cloud drive" 2/Amazon S3 (also Dreamhost, Ceph, Minio) \ "s3" 3/Backblaze B2 \ "b2" 4/Dropbox \ "dropbox" 5/Encrypt/Decrypt a remote \ "crypt" 6/Google Cloud Storage (this is not Google drive) \ "google cloud storage" 7/Google Drive \ "drive" 8/Hubic \ "hubic" 9/Local Disk \ "local" 10/Microsoft OneDrive \ "onedrive" 11/Openstack swift (Rackspace Cloud Files, memset Memstore, OVH) \ "swift" 12/Yandex Disk \ "yandex"

Rclone supports many mainstream overseas network disks, so I chose Google hard disk.

You do not need to enter the following two returned information directly by pressing enter.Google Application Client Id-leave blank normally. client_id> Google Application Client Secret-leave blank normally. client_secret>

The following code is prompted to reply nRemote configUse auto config? * Say Y if not sure * Say N if you are working on a remote or headless machine or Y didn't worky) Yesn) Noy/n> n

Copy and paste the following URL Authorization link to the browser for authenticationIf your browser doesn't open automatically go to the followinglink: Client_id = & redirect_uri = urn % 3 Aietf % 3Awg % 3 Aoauth % 3A2. 0% 3 Aoob & response_type = code & scope = https % 3A % 2F % % 2 Fauth % 2 Fdrive & state = login in and authorize rclone for accessEnter verification code>

After the authentication is successful, you will get a string of numbers and paste it into the Enter verification code> and press Enter to confirm.

Enter verification code> 4/oCKeWj4v6tnl9jfdkfjdsk3q8emfxRuZ5HEn49pJ740KJk

The following returned information continues to ask if you are sure you have selected y

[Googledrive] client_id = client_secret = token = {"access_token": "ya29.glscbks21_qd _ YuroyWklklklklklklSPPISs58WMJCm54DauJ_QeZudvKTTUOZ4fS09mt5wqcAggfdgdfmAqojdaTTJv-ukAoC_q0lgdfgfdtSv4yn_yEtaEtG", "token_type": "Bearer", "refresh_token": "1/second ", "expiry": "2017-03-02T15: 42: 10.847395882 + 08: 00"} ------------------ y) Yes this is ke) Edit this remoted) Delete this remotey/e/d> y

The following message is returned. q is returned to exit the configuration.

Current remotes: Name Type ======== googledrivedrivee) Edit existing remoten) New remoted) Delete remotes) Set configuration passwordq) quit confige/n/d/s/q> q

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