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1. kscope Installation

What I download is kscope-1.6.2.tar.gz.
Install kscope in fedora 14
What I download is kscope-1.6.2.tar.gz.


[Root @ localhost kscope-1.6.2] # tar zxvf kscope-1.6.2.tar.gz
[Root @ localhost kscope-1.6.2] # cd kscope-1.6.2
[Root @ localhost kscope-1.6.2] #./configure
Configure: error: the Important Program KDE-config was not found!

[Root @ localhost kscope-1.6.2] # Yum install kdelibs3 kdelibs3-devel

[Root @ localhost kscope-1.6.2] #./configure
Checking for Qt... configure: Error: QT (> = QT 3.3 and <4.0) (headers and libraries) Not found. Please check your installation!
For more details about this problem, look at the end of config. log.

[Root @ localhost kscope-1.6.2] # Yum install qt3 qt3-devel
[Root @ localhost kscope-1.6.2] # source/etc/profile
[Root @ localhost kscope-1.6.2] #./configure
Configure: Error: lex/flex is required in order to build kscope

[Root @ localhost kscope-1.6.2] # Yum install-y flex
[Root @ localhost kscope-1.6.2] #./configure
Configure: Error: YACC/Bison is required in order to build kscope

[Root @ localhost kscope-1.6.2] # Yum install-y bison
[Root @ localhost kscope-1.6.2] #./configure
Good-Your configure finished. Start make now

[Root @ localhost kscope-1.6.2] # Make
/Usr/bin/ld: cannot find-lkateinterfaces
-Lkateinterfaces cannot be found during make. This parameter is used to find the dynamic link library. In fact, there is no dynamic link library, and only the static Link Library is located in/usr/lib/libkatepartinterfaces. La.
[Root @ localhost kscope-1.6.2] # vi src/makefile
Modify src/makefile in approximately 482 rows
Kscope_ldadd =-lkateinterfaces-lktexteditor $ (lib_kdeui)
-Replace lkateinterfaces with/usr/lib/libkatepartinterfaces. La

[Root @ localhost kscope-1.6.2] # Make
[Root @ localhost kscope-1.6.2] # make install
[Root @ localhost kscope-1.6.2] # Make clean
[Root @ localhost sourcenav-6.0] # Yum install-y cscope ctags graphviz

[Root @ localhost sourcenav-6.0] # kscope
During the first startup, you need to make some simple configuration for kscope. During the configuration, you may need to specify the cssag, ctags, and dot required by kscope, and directly click the following button guess, let it detect it on its own, or set it as follows.
Cs1_path:/usr/bin/cs1 _
Ctags path:/usr/bin/ctags
Dot path:/usr/bin/dot

Kscope usage:

1. move the cursor to a function. You must Ctrl + 1 to jump to the function definition without automatically redirecting.

2. Place the cursor over a function name and press Ctrl + \. As prompted, click twice to easily obtain the function call relationship diagram.

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