Install rsync on centos

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Install rsync on centos
Install rsync software first

Install yum

Yum install rsync,

Compile and install

Visit download the latest rsyncstable version.



Tar-zxvf rsync-3.0.9.tar.gz
Tar-zxvf rsync-patches-3.0.9.tar.gz

Cd rsync-3.0.9



Make install

Installation Complete

Then configure rsync

The rsync service requires three files.

Rsyncd. conf rsync service configuration file

The rsyncd. secrets rsync service user password file must be an existing user on the server

Rsyncd. motd rsync service logon prompt information

To ensure password security, you must change the rsyncd. secrets permission to 600 chmod 0600 rsyncd. secrets.

By default, the mkdir-p/etc/rsyncd files do not exist.

Touch rsyncd. conf

Touch rsyncd. secrets

Touch rsyncd. motd

Add configuration file content:

Vim/etc/rsyncd. conf

Pid file =/var/run/rsyncd. pid rsync service pid file storage location

Port = 873 port number

Address = address of the rsync Service

Uid = root user

Gid = root user group

Usechroot = yes chroot settings

Read only = no read-only

Hosts allow = ip addresses allowed to access

Hosts deny = * ip address for Access prohibited

Max connections = 5 max connections

Motd file =/etc/rsyncd. motd: Specifies the location of the information file.

Log file =/var/log/rsyncd. log location of the log file

Log format = % t % a % m % f % B log File format

Syslog facility = local3

Timeout = 300 connection timeout

Secrets file =/etc/rsyncd. secrets Password file


Path =/test

Auth users = root

Lsit = true

Ignore errors

Secrets file =/etc/rsyncd. secrets

Specify a password for rsync users

Vim/etc/rsyncd. secrets

Root: 111111

Start rsync

/Usr/local/rsync -- daemon -- config =/etc/rsyncd. conf

Client Configuration

Install rsync

Rsync -- list-only root@ backup View File Information in the backup directory set by rsync

Synchronize files

Rsync-azuvP root@ backup/backup

Rsync-azu -- password-file =/etc/rsyncd. password root@ backup/backup

Vim/etc/rsyncd. password


Chmod 0600/etc/rsyncd. password

If you want to periodically Execute


20 00 *** rsync-azu -- password-file =/etc/rsyncd. password root@ backup/backup>/dev/null 2> & 1

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