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In the JBPM3 version, this well-known open source project does not have a browser-based graphical process designer, resulting in a process design that stays in the CS phase.

For example, I have done an OA project, the project is JBPM3, because it does not support the graphical process designer in the browser, we need to fully communicate with the customer, and then design the process in eclipse, and finally the corresponding image and XML file upload, and then deploy, Think about it, the process is rather cumbersome.

After the Jbpm4.1 version, we started to support the Web Setup orchestration, which is the Signavio Web designer. This article describes the installation of this designer and the problems encountered.

JBPM is an open source framework and we need to do a lot of preparation for jbpm development. such as installing a database, building tables, installing application servers, installing graphical process designer plug-ins and so on, for a novice, come up to prepare these, virtually upgrade the threshold of development.

However, in the Jbpm4.4 version, the ant script provides the JBPM4 complete development, run, and management environment required for "one-click Acquisition".

One, the fool installs

If you meet the above, you are just beginning to use JBPM for development, so it is recommended that you use this method.


1, Apache Ant 1.7.0 version or above;

2, JDK 5.0 or above version;

3, check whether your computer is configured with Jboss_home environment variables, if any, do the first to remove, to prevent conflicts.

Installation steps

1, open the command console, enter the directory ${jboss_home}/install;

2. Run the ant script: Ant Demo.setup.jboss.

Installation principle

The principle is simple, that is, JBPM developers developed a set of ant scripts, you can simply look at the ${jboss_home}/install directory of build.xml files. In the above step, "ant Demo.setup.jboss" actually performs the following steps in the background:

1, download JBoss, and install it into the ${jbpm_home}/ directory;

2, install the jbpm to JBoss;

3, install JBPM built-in database Hsqldb, and start in the background;

4, CREATE database table structure;

5, start JBoss;

6, according to the example (from example is the directory) to create a business process archive, and publish it to the JBPM database;

7. Initialize users and groups from ${jbpm_home}/install/src/demo/example.identities.sql;

8, install eclipse to ${jbpm_home}/eclipse;

9, start eclipse;

10, install JBPM Web console;

11. Install the Signavio Web Designer.

Just an ant command, it's doing so much work for you in the background, but it's also a big drawback: with the above steps we can see that it needs to download JBoss and Eclipse, this process takes at least one hours to complete, a cup of coffee time is not enough ~ ~

Second, selective installation

If you just need to install Signavio Web Designer, you can open the ${jboss_home}/install directory in the console and run the following command:

Ant Install.signavio.into.jboss.

Of course, you can also specify the installation path by this command: Ant-dsignavio.repo.path=c:/signavio-repo install.signavio.into.jboss

The above two methods of installation implementation, the principle is the same, but the first way is in the ant script, configured to download JBoss, install JBoss and other operations. Essentially the process of installing Signavio Web Designer, they all do an action: Copy the ${jbpm_home}/install/src/signavio/jbpmeditor.war to the hot deployment directory of your container. Therefore, you can also copy directly, the same can implement the installation of the designer.

Access issues:

In the above installation, the Jbpmeditor.war project in JBPM has been deployed in the JBoss Hot deployment directory, so access is only required to enter the access address in the browser: Http://localhost:8080/jbpmeditor/p/explorer, can be accessed:

When you create a new JPDL, you will get an error: It isn't possible to use the process editor with your Web browser.

Then I found this article on the Internet:, the article is very clear, this is a bug in the JBPM4, You need to modify the XML file in the Jbpmeditor.war project to change the Context-param name to Supportedbrowsereditor to the following:

<context-param><description>define a reg exp for all user agents which is supported for the EDITOR</DESCRI Ption><param-name>supportedbrowsereditor</param-name><param-value>firefox[\/\s] ((3|4|5|6| 7|8| 9|10|11|12|13|14|15|16|17|18|19|20|21|22|23|24|25|26|27|28|29|30|31|32|32|33|34|35|36|37|38|39|40) \.\d+) | Applewebkit| Opera. (9|10|11|12|13|14|15|16|17|18|19|20|21|22|23|24|25|26|27|28|29|30|31|32|33) \.\d+</param-value></ Context-param>

Then you successfully created the JPDL, open the following interface even if it is!

But here's a tentative attempt, We also need to this web designer for Chinese support compatibility issues, the browser of the interface compatibility issues to further examine, the project selected signavio web Designer or other designer, further technical research is required.

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