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Recently, you need to install the SQL Server 2000 Server on wingdows 2000 Professional Edition. The system prompts that this version is not supported during automatic installation. Because SQL 2000 Enterprise Edition is only available on hand, I searched the internet and finally found an articleArticleTo meet the urgent needs of users with the same requirements. The following is an excerpt.

To help your friends solve the problem of being unable to Install SQL Server Enterprise Edition on Windows XP, I had to install a Windows XP system. Refer to the Internet and other materials, the SQL Server server version has been successfully installed on Windows XP. I hope it will be helpful to the users who need it. Do not mention it. The steps are as follows:

1. Find an SQL Server server disc, find the "MSDE" directory on the disc, enter the directory, run the setup. EXE file, and followProgramInstallation is required. After the installation is complete, restart the computer.

2. Run the Autorun. open the installation interface and click "Install SQL Server 2000 component (c)" = "Install database server (s) "Here the program will prompt you"... server components are not supported on this system ,..... click "OK ". Go to the new installation page, click "Next", and select the default "Local Computer" = "create new SQL Server" = "client-only tools "..., click "Next ". The installation is complete. Restart the computer.

3. Go to "start"-"program"-"Microsoft SQL Server", open "Enterprise Manager" to "SQL Server group", and set "[lcoal] (Windows NT) "change to your own machine name. The machine name can be found in the" computer name "in the system attribute. Assume that the complete computer name in our machine is: Server. After the name is changed, we will get it. Disable "Enterprise Manager"

4. Open "client network utility" in "start"> "program"> "Microsoft SQL Server" and click "alias". If "server alias configuration" does not contain data, we need to manually add it. Click "add. In the "Network Library" option of "add network library configuration", we select the default "named pipes (p)" item and take the server alias "server ", the "serverpipesqlquery" is automatically added to the MPs queue name. Click "OK" to exit.

5. In this step, we have to go to registration and modify it. Open the Registry Editor and find [hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoft
Mssqlservermssqlserver], which contains a key value. The default value of loginmode is "1". Change this value to "2" (when MSDE is installed, the default authentication method for SQL Server is "Windows only", that is, the SA user cannot be authenticated, modify the preceding registry key value to change the Authentication Mode to SQL Server and Windows Hybrid Authentication, and then log on to the server using the SA user ). After modification, restart your computer.


Method 2

Open the Registry (Regedit), find hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftmsmq, and change the "AB (default)" value to 2 ''' to restart. Then you can install Microsoft SQL Server.

AB "is an icon with only one option

When installing SQL Server, the following error occurs:

A Previously installed program has created a pending file operation on the installation computer. You must restart the computer before running the installer !.
After searching for half a day, I didn't find any program. I haven't installed SQL Server on this machine before. What software is installed in the system? 3721 what is netassistant! Delete!

I still can't. I searched and found that this blog is the most valuable:

3) Open the Registry Editor, find the pendingfilerenameoperations project in hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetcontrolsession manager, and delete it. In this way, you can clear the temporary installation project.

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