Install the Elasticsearch Head tool on Linux. MD

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Installing Elasticsearch Head tool 1 on Linux, modifying the parameters of Elasticsearch

Edit the Elasticsearch configuration file elasticsearch.yml


Add the following configuration

# 增加新的参数,这样head插件可以访问eshttp.cors.enabled: truehttp.cors.allow-origin: "*"

Restart Elasticsearch Service

2. Install node and install Grunt


3. Modify head Source code


Download the installation package, upload to the/data/elasticsearch/directory

Because the head code is also version 2.6, there are many restrictions on direct execution, such as the inability to access across machines. So users need to modify two places:

Modify Server Listener Address


connect: {    server: {        options: {            port: 9100, hostname: ‘*‘, base: ‘.‘, keepalive: true } }}

Add hostname property, set to*

To modify the connection address:


To modify the connection address of the head:

this.base_uri = this.config.base_uri || this.prefs.get("app-base_uri") || "http://localhost:9200";

Change localhost to the server address of your ES, such as:

this.base_uri = this.config.base_uri || this.prefs.get("app-base_uri") || "";
4. Running Head

First turn on Elasticsearch.

Then in head目录 , execute npm install the package since the download:


Finally, start Nodejs

grunt server

Visit: Http://

This time, access to http://xxx:9100 can access the head plugin.

5. Background start Elasticsearch-head

Background start grunt Server command;

nohup grunt server &exit
nohup grunt server &

If you want to close the head plugin, use the Linux find process command:

ps aux|grep head

End Process:

Kill Process Number


5, permission 6, set up firewall 7, boot up

Install the Elasticsearch Head tool on Linux. MD

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