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I. Question proposal

Lenovo laptop g455, home appliances in the United States to the countryside products, without Windows operating system, amd cpu, to install the operating system, do not recognize more advanced PE, the drive disc is compatible with win7. How do I install the system?

Ii. Problem Solving

1. It is found that the drive C cannot be deleted and the partition cannot be formatted, And the Windows2003 disc cannot be installed.

2. Use an earlier one-click ghost to install the operating system on the C drive.

3. Use the system to copy the pure image file of the SP3 SP3 version to another disk and decompress it.

Copy the pure version 2003 image file to another disk and decompress it.

4. Install SP3 SP3 on the Windows interface. The installer automatically installs the Windows XP system on the D Drive.

5. Enter the newly installed XP operating system. If no driver is installed, the left and right buttons on the keyboard, touchpad, and touchpad are normal. In this system, you have to format the C disk, but you have to delete it. You have to delete all the files normally displayed on the C disk, and install Windows 2003 on this basis.

6. Install Windows2003. On the normal installation page, the system will prompt which disk to install. As a result, disk C still cannot be deleted and rebuilt, and can only be installed on disk C. Therefore, after Windows 2003 operating system is installed, lenovo laptop g455 has a dual system: Drive C, drive C, drive D, and XP.

7. Download The g455 XP driver from the official website of Lenovo. The driver installation problem is prompted. net2.0, after all the drivers are installed, the keyboard and touchpad, and the left and right buttons on the touchpad are unresponsive, that is, they cannot be used, and 1 in the motherboard driver. I don't know how to install the imsm driver.

8. Enter the 2003 system, the keyboard and touchpad, and the left-click and right-click buttons on the touchpad are normal. Search and install the driver that is not installed under 2003 through windows \ INF on drive D to the end, only one audio card driver does not work properly. One video card can only adapt to VGA, but the resolution can be adjusted to 1024*768. Another problem is that Windows automatic search for wireless Internet access does not identify network programs and cannot perform the same operations as XP. What should I do if wireless Internet access fails? After patches SP1 and SP2 are installed for the 2003 system, the connection problem between the sound card and the wireless network is solved. The sound card can directly use the XP driver to install the original program. The 2003 system has only one display problem. The g455 notebook is a wide screen, and the 1024*768 page fonts are flat and look uncomfortable.

9. In order to play the Three Kingdoms of pride in 2003, you also need to install direct9, set desktop properties-> advanced-> hardware acceleration in troubleshooting to complete, and enable write merge, otherwise, you will not be able to stand out for the Three Kingdoms.

Iii. Evaluation of lenovog455

1. It is strange that an XP driver cannot be sensed when installed on the keyboard or touchpad. Fortunately, an external mouse can be used to open the soft keyboard, and two operating systems can be installed and 2003 can be used.

2. Why can't I install the graphics card driver in 2003? Check that the display type of the graphics card in XP is ATI mobility radeon HD 545 V, and the 2003 driver cannot be found in the network, the installation with an approximate value is invalid.

3. Lenovo's machines are too restrictive to ensure compatibility.

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