Install the properties editor plug-in MyEclipse10.x and myeclipse

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Install the properties editor plug-in MyEclipse10.x and myeclipse

1. Install the properties editor plug-in MyEclipse10.x

Today, a struts verification applet is created to display the Chinese characters in ApplicationResources. properties, and the results are garbled.

I found a variety of materials on the Internet and found a plug-in Poperties Editor, which can be automatically solved as long as it is installed.

But it is not so easy to install. First, I have been looking for plug-ins for a long time!

The following describes the installation methods:

(1) Online installation:

Open help --- eclipse Marketplace -- in this case, search for Poperties Editor, find it, and click install)

But I am not successful! Give up! (It may be because of my network speed, which is always 0 k/s)

(2) manual installation:

1. Download plug-in Poperties Editor :( provide you with a connection:

2. Create a dropins directory under your MyEclipse10.x directory:

3. decompress the downloaded plug-in into two folders:

4. Put the two files in the dropins folder created in 3:

5. Then restart your myeclipse (note that restart is in File --- Restart). After restarting, you will see the following information, indicating that the plug-in has been installed successfully!

6. Right-click your *. properties and choose "open with". The following Green Circle spring P (Poperties Editor) appears ):

7. Now OK!

(3) original method: compared with the original great habits, this method is used:

Java tool: "native2ascii ".

Usage: Enter "native2ascii" in CMD and press Enter. Then, enter Chinese characters to display the ascii code.

Copy the ascii codes to the. properties file.

The process is as follows:

If this is used, it is self-evident, but we can make up for it. The generated properties file contains Chinese characters and is saved in a separate notepad. If we modify this file, we will modify it in notepad, then use the above cmd method to generate the hex system! Paste it to the properties file. This is also possible!
But why don't we need such a simple tool! Right!

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How to install the properties editor plug-in myeclipse86 to solve international problems

You should install it locally. Now there are a lot of problems. The myeclipse official website has blocked domestic ip addresses for online updates and local installation of proxy servers. There are a lot of tutorials. You can find them online. I will briefly introduce them.
You can open Myeclipse atio center in heip and select add site in Software to add your plug-in name. You can obtain the path by yourself and select the path you downloaded, then, check the software update available in the lower right corner,
Then, when pending Changed appears, you can click Update. It may take several minutes to install the plug-in locally. You can also install the plug-in online. You can find a tutorial on the Internet. If you have a picture, just click here. no
How to install the properties editor plug-in myeclipse70

Download directly and decompress it to the plugin and feture directories.
Or the help update software menu of eclipse is automatically updated. Enter this url to

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