Install ubuntu12.10desktop on hard disk

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Hard disk installation ubuntu12.10desktop this method is common for i386 and amd64 versions. for FAT32 partition format or NTFS partition format, you can use & hellip; preparation File: 1. ubuntu12.10 ISO image file 2. grldr file. you can download grub4dos from the Internet (Download location... ubuntu 12.10 desktop is installed on the hard disk. this method is applicable to i386 and amd64 versions. The FAT32 partition format or NTFS partition format can be verified ...... Preparation File: 1. ISO image file of ubuntu 12.10 2. grldr file. you can download grub4dos (: ) Decompress the package to obtain the file. preparation: unzip the two files and put them in the directory "D" and "ubuntu. put the grldr file prepared earlier in the C root directory. 4. show the hidden files on the computer 5. go to the C-drive root directory and find boot. ini, remove the read-only attribute of the file, open the file, find timeout, and change the value after timeout to a value greater than 5 as much as possible. the last part of ini Add c: \ grldr = "install ubuntu 12.10" to the first line, and save 6. restart the computer, and then select "install ubuntu 12.10" to go to the grub boot process: when "grub>" appears on the screen, perform the following steps: 1. run: find/vmlinuz # after the command is executed, the "(hd0, x)" information will be fed back. "x" is a number. for example, if vmlinuz is placed in the C root directory, the x value is 0. if vmlinuz is placed on disks D, E, and F, the corresponding x value is 4, 5, 6, and so on ...... 2. run: root (hd0, x) # "(hd0, x)" After this step is the information feedback from the previous step. 3. run: kernel/vmlinuz boot = casper iso-scan/filename =/ubuntu-12.10-desktop-i386.iso # followed by the iso file name 4. run: initrd/initrd. lz5. run boot6. after completing the above five steps, you can enter the ubuntu Desktop. double-click "install" on the desktop to install it. However, you can unmount the network cable before installation, unless your network speed is quite high, you can also use the menu on drive C. lst file, add root (hd0, x) kernel/vmlinuz boot = casper iso-scan/filename =/ubuntu-12.10-desktop-i386.isoinitrd/initrd. lzboot note: hd (0, x) is 4 because it is stored on disk D. [there can be four primary partitions from 0, 1, 2, and 3. logical partitions can be composed of multiple extended partitions, disk D is the first extended partition. Therefore, disk D represents (hd0, 4), disk E represents (hd0, 5), and disk F represents (hd0, 6)] If the file system is still being detected during installation, you can click the button in the upper left corner before installation-> enter terminal in the pop-up window-> then enter sudo umount-l/isodevice
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