Install ubuntu14.04 on a cainiao USB flash drive

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I recently started working on Ubuntu, but I have been using Windows systems. To get familiar with Ubuntu as soon as possible, I decided to install a system for fun. I am a standard cainiao. I have never installed a system. I just installed it on Baidu. Here are my methods:

I. Preparations

1. Ensure 10 Gb of free space on the hard drive of your computer

2. a USB flash drive ensures 2 GB free space

Ii. Go to the official website to download the Ubuntu System

URL:, I download Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, 64bit. You can select different versions as needed, after the download is complete, get an image file about M, such as "ubuntu-14.04-desktop-amd64.iso ".

3. Prepare the boot disk

1. Insert the computer to your computer. Visit download the unzip USB installer tool to your computer. I downloaded universal-usb-installer- ".

2. Run the tool you just downloaded. in step 1, select the version of the image package you downloaded, step 2 select the downloaded ISO file, and step 3 select your USB flash drive. Click "CREATE.

4. Install the system

1. ensure that the USB flash drive is inserted on the computer, restart the computer, and press F12 when the boot screen is just displayed (I am F12, depending on the model, I am not very familiar with it, refer) to go To the BIOS interface, select Start from USB.

2. After the USB flash drive is started successfully, an interface is displayed. You need to choose to try the system or install the system directly. I directly select "Install Ubuntu" and next (the installation process is graphical and various options can be set by myself). After that, I will be prompted to restart the computer.

3. After the restart, an additional operating system selection interface is provided. Select the system you just installed to start. OK!



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