Install Varnish-cache configuration and experience method in Linux system

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Varnish-cache in the Linux system is a set of High-performance reverse Web site cache server, such a large server to facilitate the use of computers, but on the computer how to install and experience it! Now let's take a look at it!

The main understanding of the VCL several states, mainly VCL-RECV and Vcl-fetch Basic is enough

VCL-RECV can generally specify which backend can be used to set the pass rule

Vcl-fetch mainly handles caching rules, setting cache time Beresp.ttl

1. Manual cleanup of cached commands (version 3.0 and previous discrepancies):

sudo varnishadm-t localhost:1234 ban.url *$-s/etc/varnish/secret

2.acl only for IP use

3. If you are prompted to repeat error code 1061, it means that you have written incorrectly.

4. If prompted Unkown request error code 1011 means that the command was mistaken (ban replaced the original purge)

5.req.url does not contain the domain name part, the domain name part is

6. Clear the specified page cache according to host

Varnishadm-t ban " ~$ && req.url ~/1.html" a

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