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I read an article about Visual Studio async a few days ago.

I think it is good to try the effect. download and install the package on the MS website.

Http:// Id = 9983

(It Can Be Used on WP7)


The original async CTP from PDC 10 brought asynchronous programming to C # and Visual Basic in Visual Studio 2010. This refresh introduces the following:

    • Compatible with Visual Studio 2010 SP1, which is now required.
    • Compatible with non-English installations of Visual Studio and with Visual Studio Express.
    • Enables asynchronous development for Windows Phone 7.
    • Includes various bug-fixes and changes, detailed in the README and documentation.
    • Except des a new EULA for production use. note-this license does not constitute encouragement for you to use the CTP for your production code. the CTP remains an unsupported and use-at-your-own-risk technology preview. however, we 've got ed into requests from developers to use the CTP for production code, and so have changed the license to allow that.

Download and install

After the installation is complete...

The legendary Microsoft Visual Studio async CTP folder cannot be found in my documents...


On the msdn forum, I found that many people also had this problem. Find a solution:


It is because kb2521357 is installed.

Unmount the task with determination, and the result still fails...

Take a look at the above analysis:

Run: msiexec/P VS10-KB0000001.msp export filenames = true/QB/L * c: \ temp \ log.txt

View logs:

MSI (s) (B0: 48) [22: 20: 12: 635]: Final patch application order:
MSI (s) (B0: 48) [22: 20: 12: 635]: {FC8EA2A2-65A3-366E-A687-5B63943A800F }-
MSI (s) (B0: 48) [22: 20: 12: 635]: {FD1050C2-7614-3245-83F1-6B0BE4769064 }-
MSI (s) (B0: 48) [22: 20: 12: 635]: Other patches:
MSI (s) (B0: 48) [22: 20: 12: 635]: superseded: {serial}-c: \ cc78c6b4d0885ab3cd39e29163 \ VS10-KB0000001.msp
MSI (s) (B0: 48) [22: 20: 12: 635]: superseded: {11195581-0a34-371d-9fb5-f07de684fde6 }-



There should still be patches incompatible

Re-install kb2521357 (more than 200 m) and find that the update date of several other patches in vs has also changed.

Unmount all these items


Run the command line again to view the log:

MSI (s) (B8: F8) [21: 48: 36: 475]: Final patch application order:
MSI (s) (B8: F8) [21: 48: 36: 475]: {FC8EA2A2-65A3-366E-A687-5B63943A800F }-
MSI (s) (B8: F8) [21: 48: 36: 475]: {11195581-0a34-371d-9fb5-f07de684fde6 }-
MSI (s) (B8: F8) [21: 48: 36: 475]: {25961b77-62ed-3599-8618-3a0304110026 }-
MSI (s) (B8: F8) [21: 48: 36: 475]: {296218f5-c5a1-3cfe-b3a9-4ef40f5475b4 }-
MSI (s) (B8: F8) [21: 48: 36: 475]: {4733d286-44df-3445-bf68-cbeb4af97622 }-
MSI (s) (B8: F8) [21: 48: 36: 475]: {50be1560-55e5-31cb-ac52-8403b409e46c}-F: \ Xunlei \ Async-CTP1 \ VS10-KB0000001.msp
MSI (s) (B8: F8) [21: 48: 36: 475]: {A1339082-2C37-3126-AE03-9C3E10AA239B }-


Now there is no problem with the installation.

After the installation is complete, you can see in the update


For more information about Visual Studio async, see:



If the installation fails, you can try uninstalling those patches one by one.

(You may not need to unmount all of them. If not, use the command line to try ...)

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