Install vnc in linux

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Install vnc in linux

Whether the VNC service has been installed and check the installed VNC version:

> Rpm-q vnc-server

If not, you can download the vnc-server-4.1.2-14.el5_6.6.x86_64.rpm and install:

(1) When the network is not connected:

> Rpm-ivh./vnc-server-4.1.2-14.el5_6.6.x86_64.rpm

(2) Networking:

> Yum install tigervnc-server

Start the vnc service:

> Vncserver or vncserver: 1

If the firewall is enabled, you can disable the Firewall:

> Service iptables stop (effective in time, failed restart) or chkconfigiptables off (effective after restart)

Or enable the corresponding Port:

> Iptables-I input-p tcp-dport 5901-jaccept

Configure the VNC graphic desktop environment interface (The vnc logon may fail to display the desktop because it is not configured ):

> Vi/root/. vnc/xstartup (if you want to install oracle, log on with the oracle user, modify/home/oracle/. vnc/xstartup, and log on with vncserver to start it)

Change "twm &" in the last line to "gnome-session &" (you can log on to the GNOME desktop environment)

Or change it to "startkde &" (you can log on to the KDE Desktop Environment)

Choose GNOME or KDE Based on the desktop environment installed by the System

Restart VNC:

> Vncserver-kill: 1

> Vncserver or vncserver: 1

Log on to the VNC console again.

Change VNC password:

> Vncpasswd

Set the VNC service to automatically load as the system starts:

> Chkconfig vncserver on

> Chkconfig-list vncserver

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