Installation and configuration of vim under "Linux" Linux operating system

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Vim is a text editor developed from VI that is more powerful. And Vim.tiny is a lite version of Vim, so it's imperative to install Vim. At the same time, many programmers in Windows like sourceinsight This tool to look at the code, various syntax highlighting is very comfortable. As a programmer-created editor, Vim doesn't make sense for programmers to comfortably edit code, but it's often difficult for novices to configure it as a pleasing environment. The following method can be used in a very simple way to configure Vim as Sourceinsight.

First, installation environment:

Linux operating system (Ubuntu/centos)

Second, the VIM configuration successful final:

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Third, installation steps

So, how to configure the environment variables of vim, so that it meet their own personalized needs?

Next, let me share with you the steps for VIM configuration for everyone to share with each other.

1. Download the VIM configuration file

To create a. VIMRC (. hidden file) on the CentOS home page, I post the download link for easy copy download:, Everyone in the CentOS Internet to determine the network after downloading files. VIMRC, and after downloading, unzip, put in the. vimrc file.

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When you are done, open the file as shown in:

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2. Installing the TagList Plugin


Download, unzip complete.

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The extracted doc content is put into ~/.vim/doc, and the extracted contents are copied to ~/.vim/plugin.

As shown in the doc file (plugin is not released):

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3. Enter the command vim. VIMRC open the file. VIMRC, add the instruction at the end of the last document:

Let tlist_show_one_file=1

Let Tlist_exit_onlywindow=1

Let Tlist_use_right_window=1

Save exit.

4. Install the File Browser and window manager

To the link to download the plugin: Winmanager.

Link address:

Download the,2.x version above.

Decompression, will extract the contents of the doc to ~/.vim/doc, the extracted plugin under the contents of the copy to ~/.vim/plugin

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5. Add a command at the end of the ~/.VIMRC:

Let g:winmanagerwindowlayout= ' fileexplorer| TagList '

Nmap wm:wmtoggle<cr>

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6. Then restart Vim to open ~/xxx.c or ~/xxx.cpp

Write a program code, enter "WM" in the normal state, you will see that your vim configuration is successful.

This article is from "Han Jing's Blog", please make sure to keep this source

Installation and configuration of vim under "Linux" Linux operating system

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