Installation and use of Python under Windows

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This article is only about how to run Python in Vscode

-2017-12-30## installation and use under Windows 1. Download Https:// Install 1. Add the installation directory to the environment variable to make it easy to use 1 on the command line. Run in Vscode and troubleshoot garbled    1. Install the ' Code Runner ' plugin to facilitate the operation of various code 1 in Vscode    . Add a Python installation path to the settings to invoke Python ' "Python.pythonpat H ":" Path ", '    1. Add ' variable pythonioencoding value to UTF-8 ' in the environment variable to resolve output garbled in Vscode    1. Install ' python ' plugin for Debugging # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # Learning basic Syntax ' py # Case-sensitive print (' Hello ') # available single double quotes # view reserved word import keywordprint (keyword.kwlist) "' Multiline comment use indent to represent code block" "

It seems like Python is very hot recently, I just want to glance at it, output a Hello Wrod, and then not. Do not want their own JS do not know well and spend energy to make python, after all, now node can do a lot of things.

The plug-ins in sublime text are basically written in Python, and after knowing how to run Python, it's helpful to ^_^ when you change the plugin.

Installation and use of Python under Windows

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