installation, configuration, and boot-up of SVN under Linux (centOS6.5)

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As a "Magnum" code farmer, this kind of work you will have to do sooner or later. ----by Jimi no bond

Preparation: Yum

1. Check if it is installed

Rpm-qa Subversion

If you want to uninstall the old version:

Yum Remove Subversion

2. Installation

Yum Install Subversion

Ps:yum Install httpd httpd-devel Subversion mod_dav_svn Mod_auth_mysql (this is installed with Apache module, I haven't done it yet, do it again, you can only install subversion, It doesn't matter if it's loaded)

3. Check if the installation is successful


If successful, the version number is output

4. Create a warehouse directory
For example:


5. Create a project

Svnadmin Create/home/svn/game

6. Check whether the creation was successful


If successful, there will be a few more folders in the game directory

7. Enter the Conf directory will see 3 configuration files, the generated files are in English annotation description
Sample requirements:

Planning Group: Open planning, art reading and writing back end group: Open back-end reading and writing, planning read-only front-end group: Open the front-end reading and writing, planning, art read-only art group: Open Art reading and writing, planning read-Only Administrators group: all read and write

Authz: User Rights configuration

[groups]#管理组manager=boss# Server for service-side user groups= Server1,server2# Client user Group clients= CLIENT1,client2# Art Group= Art1,art2# Planning Group Design=DESIGN1,design2[game:/]Manager=RW[Game:/server]@server=RW[game:/client]@client=rw@design=R@art=R[Game:/art]@design=Rw@art=rw@client=R[game:/design]@design=Rw@server=r@client=R@art=r

passwd: User Password

[users] boss=123456Server1=123456server2=123456client1=123456client2= 123456art1=123456art2=123456design1=123456design2 =123456


= = = ==game

8. Open SVN port
The default is 3690 ports, you can also use other. Turned on skip this step

3690 -j Accept save/etc/rc.d/init.d/iptables Save Restart service iptables Restart view/etc/init.d/iptables status

9. Start the SVN service


-D: Daemon
-R:SVN root directory
Suppose the server-side IP is, then the Access directory for the game is as follows:

10. Installing the Client TortoiseSVN

11. Create a subdirectory
Find a directory on the client PC, move out of the game directory from Svn:// with the administrator account, create a new Art,design,server,client 4 subdirectories, and then commit.
At this point you can use the other group's account to test whether it is working properly.

12. Installed SVN server, the default is not boot from the boot, each boot itself will be very troublesome, we can set it to boot
First: Write a startup script, which I put in/root/


Here the Svnserve path is safe, it is best to write the absolute path, because the environment variable may not be loaded when it is started.
How do you find the absolute path?

Which Svnserve

There may also be a problem, if you build and write in Windows under the footsteps, get Linux, with VI or VIM modified may not be able to execute, this is a file format problem

VI Input: Set FF Enter if the result shown is not fileformat=Unix re-enter set FF=Unix OK

Then modify the Execute permissions for the script


Last: Join Auto run

Vi/etc/rc.d/rc.local Add the path to the script at the end, such as:/root/

Now, you can reboot and try again. Do not know how to confirm success? I lost you.

Ps-ef|grep Svnserve

A lot of work, I can't do it!

installation, configuration, and boot-up of SVN under Linux (centOS6.5)

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