Installation configuration and files for IIS 7 under Win7

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Installation and configuration of IIS for Windows 7:

Installation method

1: Install through the user Interface 1. Click Start/Control Panel/program and choose Turn Windows features on or off.

2. In the Windows Features dialog box, select Internet Information Services

3. Click OK, and Windows Vista will start the IIS installation process;

Note that if you install with the above steps, you get the default installation, which is the minimal functionality. If you need additional IIS features, such as application development features or Web administration tools, it is necessary to ensure that the check boxes for these features are selected in the Windows Features dialog box.

First, install IIS. Open Control Panel and click Programs and Features

Second, click on the left "turn on or off Windows features"

Third, find "Internet information services", according to the following figure tick

After the installation is complete, in the Control Panel, click "Administrative Tools"

Double-click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager to enter the IIS interface:

Six, select "Default Web Site", double hit between the "ASP"

Change "Enable parent path" to "True"

Seven, start configuration site. Click the advanced settings on the right

Select your site's directory and click OK

In the IIS main interface, click Bind ... on the right, select the Web site you want to bind, click Edit

If it is a computer, only modify the following port number on the line, you can modify the number at will. and click OK.

Ix. release of documents. Create a new A.doc,a.txt,a.jpg,a.rar file in the Web site folder. Click the "Browse Web site" below to browse the site.

However, the following error page appears:


Open IIS Manager.

In the features view, double-click Directory browsing.

On the Directory browsing page, in the actions pane, click Enable.

Once you've set it up, you can access the published file:

Other installation methods:

Script installation to enter the following command in the script: start/w pkgmgr/iu:iis-webserverrole;iis-webserver;iis-commonhttpfeatures;iis-staticcontent ; iis-defaultdocument;iis-directorybrowsing;iis-httperrors;iis-httpredirect;iis-applicationdevelopment;i Is-aspnet;iis-netfxextensibility;iis-asp;iis-cgi;iis-isapiextensions;iis-isapifilter;iis-serversideincludes;i Is-healthanddiagnostics;iis-httplogging;iis-logginglibraries;iis-requestmonitor;iis-httptracing;i Is-customlogging;iis-odbclogging;iis-security;iis-basicauthentication;iis-windowsauthentication;i Is-digestauthentication;iis-clientcertificatemappingauthentication;iis-iiscertificatemappingauthentication;i Is-urlauthorization;iis-requestfiltering;iis-ipsecurity;iis-performance;iis-httpcompressionstatic;i Is-httpcompressiondynamic;iis-webservermanagementtools;iis-managementconsole;iis-managementscriptingtools;i is-managementservice;iis-iis6managementcompatibility;iis-metabase;iis-wmicompatibility;iis-legacyscripts;iis- legacysnapin;iis-ftppublishingservice;iis-Ftpserver;iis-ftpmanagement; Was-windowsactivationservice; Was-processmodel; Was-netfxenvironment; Was-configurationapi If you use this script to install, you will install IIS completely, that is, install all IIS features. If you don't want to use a feature, you should edit the script file to remove a feature, such as deleting the "iis-legacyscripts" in the penultimate line of the above script and installing only the packages you need.

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