Installation experience of a snipping tool plus++

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In the company's computer used to snipping this tool, but found that their computer actually did not have this tool, the same is the Win7 system, is the reason for piracy, anyway! Record the installation experience.

This is official website:, go in after the page gray often simple, feel also gray often stick:

See only need three steps, feel very easy! , but!

Then go through the chocolatey! To install, first went to Chocolatey's official website: fact, you can directly choose the most behind the download it directly)

Just do it as you said, OK?


And now my Java version is:

Oh, no!!
Does want to run the script? Choose "Yes"! And then it's like this:

Then: Load 32bit/64bit

Then: Successful

It took a long time to have wood there!

Finally, my Java version has become:

Actually can install directly, download good after, but I use this method, long insight!

Installation experience of a snipping tool plus++

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