"Installation Failed!" in the GUI but not in the CLI (/usr/bin/winusb:line 78:18265 Terminated)

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"Installation failed!" in the GUI but not in the CLI (/usr/bin/winusb:line 78:18265 Terminated)
Installation failed !Exit code: 256Log:**blank**


Install log (when running winusbguiAs root)
Installation failed !Exit code: 256Log:Formatting device...Wait 3 seconds for block device nodes to populate...mkfs.fat: warning - lowercase labels might not work properly with DOS or Windowsmkfs.fat 3.0.28 (2015-05-16)Mounting...mount: /dev/loop0 is write-protected, mounting read-onlyCopying...Installing grub...Installing for i386-pc platform.Installation finished. No error reported.Installing grub.cfg...Exiting...Syncing.../usr/local/bin/winusb: 行 78: 20260 終止                  while true; do    sleep 0.05; echo ‘pulse‘;doneCleaning.../usr/local/bin/winusb: 行 78: 20593 終止                  while true; do    sleep 0.05; echo ‘pulse‘;doneUnmounting and removing ‘/media/winusb_iso_1455346491_15903‘...Unmounting and removing ‘/media/winusb_target_1455346491_15903‘...

P.S. "Finally" in the output approximately means "terminated".


Installation Failed!
Exit code:256
Formatting device ...
Wait 3 seconds for block device nodes to populate ...
Mkfs.fat:warning-lowercase labels might not work properly with DOS or Windows
Mkfs.fat 3.0.28 (2015-05-16)
Mounting ...
Copying ...
Installing grub ...
Installing for I386-PC platform.
grub-install:warning:attempting to install GRUB-a disk with multiple partition labels. This is not supported yet.
Grub-install:warning: Unable to embed. In this installation, GRUB can only be installed by using a block list. However, the Block list is not trustworthy and is not recommended for use.
Installation finished. No Error reported.
Installing Grub.cfg ...
Exiting ...
Syncing ...
/USR/BIN/WINUSB: Line 78:7,273 terminated while true; Do
Sleep 0.05; echo ' pulse ';
Cleaning ...
/USR/BIN/WINUSB: Line 78:12,165 terminated while true; Do
Sleep 0.05; echo ' pulse ';
Unmounting and removing '/media/winusb_iso_1482765713_2306 ' ...
Unmounting and removing '/media/winusb_target_1482765713_2306 ' ...


Does Gksudo command installed on your system?


This issue are also reproduced in the following article:
Make A bootable Windows ten USB Install Stick on Linux with Winusb Fork ~ Web Upd8:ubuntu/linux Blog


I got same problem but solved now by
"Sudo apt-get install Gksu"
"Gksudo Winusbgui"
(I.e..type it without quotes)

Lin-buo-ren referenced this issue on 8 Nov Closed Installation Failure error (GUI version) #76

Lin-buo-ren changed the title from "installation failed!" on GUI but not in CLI to "Inst Allation failed! "in GUI and not in CLI (/usr/bin/winusb:line 78:18265 Terminated)


Hi again, please use the latest revision on GitHub repo and see if it's still reproducible (it should be, as we never fixed The problem anyway).


I was encountered this issue right now, with Windows 10.
I ' m on Ubuntu 16.04 and Winusb 1.0.11

I tried to run the installation anyway and it worked (I just ignored the error).


Hi, please use the latest revision in the repository (instead of latest released version) for reproducing the issue. We ' ve have changed a quite amount of code since 1.0.11


I got similar problem and solve it!
I Don t now why, but if you use GUI it s not work. Use command on line:
sudo winusb--format/path-to-iso-file/filename.iso/dev/sdb (or other your flash)


The issue title already tell this CLI (command line interface) works.
This issue are about the GUI problem

"Installation Failed!" in the GUI but not in the CLI (/usr/bin/winusb:line 78:18265 Terminated)

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