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Microsoft's products are becoming more and more popular, while Linux is developing very rapidly and is catching up with Microsoft. This article introduces how to install phpmyadmin in Linux. I hope you will remember the phpmyadmin Installation Method in Linux. When installing fedora, select all the components to be selected, including Appache, mysql, and php. But when we manage the database, it is easier to have a graphical interface, so we have installed phpmyadmin on our own and it is easy to install.

PhpMyAdmin is a MySQL management tool that manages MySQL directly from the web.

Assume that the root directory of your web (web page storage) is/var/www/. Suppose that the web access to your host is like this: http: //

You can install it to any sub-directory of/var/www/phpmyadmin.

Note that the directory name should only be known by the Administrator. Therefore, we assume it is/var/www/onlyyouknow.

A. download the latest phpMyAdmin program from the official website of phpMyAdmin.


Download phpMyAdmin-2.11.3-all-languages.tar.bz2 to/var/www/

# Cd/var/www/
# Wget

Of course, you can also go to your own windows machine, and upload it to the web server after editing.

B. Decompress this file

# Tar zxvf phpMyAdmin-2.11.3-all-languages.tar.gz


C. Modify the directory name/var/www/onlyyoukown.

# Mv/var/www/phpMyAdmin-2.11.3-all-languages/var/www/onlyyoukown

D. modify the configuration file.

1. find/libraries/config. default. PHP file (config. default. copy php to the phpmyadmin directory and rename it config. inc. php), the file has the following items (2-8) must be configured by yourself, windows WordPad do not use Notepad, this is UTF8 encoding) for editing, in linux directly use vim to edit.

2. find $ cfg ['pmaabsoluteuri '] and modify the phpMyAdmin URL to be uploaded to the space.

For example, $ cfg ['pmaabsoluteuri '] = 'HTTP: // /';

3. Find $ cfg ['servers'] [$ I] ['host'] = 'localhost'. It is usually used by default, and there are exceptions. You do not need to modify them)

4. Find $ cfg ['servers'] [$ I] ['auth _ type'] = 'config ';

Debug config in your own machine. If you use cookies in the network space, now we have added the web site before, and then modify it to a cookie. We recommend that you use cookies here.

5. Find $ cfg ['servers'] [$ I] ['user'] = 'root'; // MySQL usermysql username, and use root on your own machine ;)

6. find $ cfg ['servers'] [$ I] ['Password'] = ''; // MySQL password (mysql user password, your server is generally the root password of the mysql user)

7. find $ cfg ['servers'] [$ I] ['only _ db'] = ''; // If set to a db-name, if you only have one data record, set it. If you want to set up a server on your local computer, leave it blank)

8. find $ cfg ['defaultlang '] = 'zh'. Here, select the language. zh indicates the meaning of Simplified Chinese. You do not know whether to fill in gbk or not)

9. Save the settings

If the following error occurs: "the configuration file now requires a top secret phrase password (blowfish_secret)", set the cookie for your website in the equal sign of $ cfg ['blowfish _ secret'] =, example: $ cfg ['blowfish _ secret'] = 'arbitrary characters '; this is because your "$ cfg ['servers'] [$ I] ['auth _ type'] = 'cookies.

E. Test

Open the browser, http: //

In this way, you have learned how to install phpmyadmin in Linux.

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