Installation of PHP Environment Building (PHPSTUDY) and integrated development tools (Phpstorm)

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This article is to share with you about the installation of PHP environment (PHPSTUDY) and integrated development tools (Phpstorm), the need for friends can refer to

Writing time: Early 2018.04.09

Description: PHP (foreign name: Php:hypertext Preprocessor, Chinese name: "Hypertext Preprocessor") is a common open source scripting language. The grammar absorbs the C language, Java and Perl features, is conducive to learning, widely used, mainly for the field of web development.

1 PHP Editor installation and environment construction

1. PHP Development Tools

The integrated development environment is an integrated development environment that integrates the main tools needed in the software development process, including, but not limited to, code brightness, code completion, debugging, build, versioning, and so on. The common PHP IDE (integrated development environment) is as follows:

A) Zend Studio: Commercial Edition, Zend official, based on eclipse

b) Eclipse with PDT: free

c) Coda: Commercial edition, for Mac users

d) NetBeans: free, powerful

e) PHP Storm: Business Edition

f) Aptana Studio: Free

g) phped: Commercial Edition

h) Komodo Ide/edit:ide is a commercial version, Edit is free to use

i) Adobe Dreamweaver: Business Edition

Note: In addition to the integrated development environment, common text editors with code highlighting are often chosen as development tools for their lightness and flexibility, such as: notepad++, EditPlus, Sublimetext, Everedit (Chinese development), etc.

2. Build PHP development environment

Choose Phpstudy Integrated development environment, integrated PHP, MySQL, Apache, easy deployment of the developer environment, only need to install the integration package to deploy PHP development environment.

Build steps:

Step1. Download Phpstudy installation package, I personally downloaded a phpStudy2018 version, download address:, is the official website of Phpstudy.

STEP2: Install the downloaded phpstudy2018 to the specified path. such as: D:\PHP\ phpstudy2018.

STEP3: Launch software, Apache and MySQL color turned green, that is, install and start successfully, you can click the Software-"other menu options-" Site root directory to view the Web site root directory files,

You can also click the software--"other menu options--" Phpstudy settings--"General port settings, that is, set the Web site to access files under the specified file path.

STEP4: Is the phpstudy option:

STEP5: Access the site via http://localhost or

3. Installing the Integrated development tools

Here to install Phpstorm for example, download phpstorm, download address:

Http:// can be downloaded to the cracked version. Because Phpstorm is a commercial version, not free, so download cracked version is better. Of course, you can first download the Phpstorm official website, and then download the cracked package, the Phpstorm software before cracking.

4. Put the project files developed by the Phpstorm into the path of the Phpstudy access, that is, the program can be accessed later through the address in the browser.

5. Build the development environment and install the development tools, and deploy the relationship between the tools and the environment, you can do PHP program development.

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