Installing and running Hadoop under Windows

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Install Hadoop under Windows and go directly to the website using simple brute force methods:

1. Download the installation package for Hadoop:> to the left releases-> Point Mirror site-> Point/HTTP/> download hadoop-2.9.0.tar.gz;

2. Unpack the package: Unzip the download to the specified directory and add the environment variable; extract a directory: D:\hadoop-2.9.0, configure the bin path to the environment variable. Then download the relevant tool class, directly unzip the file into the D:\hadoop-2.9.0\bin directory, the Hadoop.dll in C :/windows/system32 also lost a copy;

3, go to D:\hadoop-2.9.0\etc\hadoop to find the following 4 files and paste it in the following minimum configuration:

<Configuration>    < Property>        <name>Fs.defaultfs</name>        <value>hdfs://localhost:9000</value>    </ Property>    </Configuration>


<Configuration>    < Property>        <name>Dfs.replication</name>        <value>1</value>    </ Property>    < Property>            <name></name>            <value>File:/hadoop/data/dfs/namenode</value>        </ Property>        < Property>            <name></name>            <value>File:/hadoop/data/dfs/datanode</value>      </ Property></Configuration>


<Configuration>    < Property>        <name></name>        <value>Yarn</value>    </ Property></Configuration>


<Configuration>    < Property>        <name>Yarn.nodemanager.aux-services</name>        <value>Mapreduce_shuffle</value>    </ Property>    < Property>        <name>Yarn.nodemanager.aux-services.mapreduce.shuffle.class</name>        <value>Org.apache.hadoop.mapred.ShuffleHandler</value>    </ Property></Configuration>

4, next deal with an environment variable problem, enter into the Etc\hadoop directory, edit hadoop-env.cmd Modify the Java_home directory for your own JDK path; Note that if the path is installed in the Program Files directory, the name uses \ Progra~1\, otherwise the intervening spaces will cause the path to fail.

5. Go to the Bin directory and run HDFs Namenode-format

6. Enter Sbin directory: Start-all.cmd

Installing and running Hadoop under Windows

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