Installing Python 3.5.2 from source

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Here is the procedures we is to follow,

    1. Download the source code of an official Python release.

    2. Configure the build appropriately for our machine.

    3. Compile the software.

    4. Test the software to make sure it works properly.

    5. Install the software.

    6. Configure our system to make sure we can use the software easily.

Getting a Python release

Go to the Python source downloads and choose a version to download (I'll use 3.5.2 throughout this document but the Proces s should is similar for any other version).

You can extract a tar archive file using the following command:

tar xf Python-3.5.1.tgz

tar' s argument handling is ancient and unlike almost all other UNIX programs so are probably needn ' t bother learning how the Work Just remember tar xf means "extract from a File". Like the most UNIX programs, won't tar produce any output unless it encounters a error or you specifically ask it to. If you ' d like it to give some feedback as it works with tar xvf instead ("Extract verbosely from a file ").

You should now has a directory called Python-3.5.1/ which contains the release files. From now on I ' ll assume we ' re working inside this new directory:

cd Python-3.5.1/
Building Python

Most UNIX software uses a very similar build process:

    • First you configure the "build with the" install location, where to find any libraries it needs, etc.

    • Then you compile the software

    • Then you test the software

    • Then you install the software

Each step was usually a single command and the whole process usually looks a little like this:

./configuremakemake testsudo make install


Installing Python 3.5.2 from source

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