Installing the Deepin Scrot snipping Tool

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Sometimes we need to save in Linux, if you just need a full screen, you can actually directly press the keyboard PrScrn or Press Print keyboard keys to achieve it;

But if you need to mark the picture, draw a line to draw a circle and add a text description, it will be more troublesome.

You can install it if you don't want to be in trouble; however, this is a shutter powerful feature which means that the function is complex; If you like me just like a Windows QQ such software; then Deepin Scrot you can think about it;

Deepin Scrotis a software similar to QQ in depth, and now only the installation package under Ubuntu, of course, you can also be transplanted to CentOS;

Download Deepin Scrot

Download the latest version of the Deepin Scrot software with the wget above

Installing Deepin Scrot
sudo dpkg -i deepin-scrot_2.0-0deepin_all.deb

Enter the dpkg command above in the terminal to install the Deepin Scrot software

Installation dependencies

Since Deepin Scrot is written in Python, you may be prompted for missing python-xlib ; Install dependent files with the following command

sudo apt-get install python-xlib
Start Deepin Scrot

Start Deepin Scrot software by entering commands directly inside the terminal

Set shortcut keys

After all, each time in the terminal under the input command is not very good operation, so this time you need to set up a shortcut key

Open-Settings, system settings--all settings--switch to shortcut keys--Customize shortcut keys add a shortcut key;


Save, then set the shortcut button;

After the above operation is completed, we only need to press Ctrl+alt+a under the system at the same time Deepin Scrot software to start;

Installing the Deepin Scrot tool

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