Installing the Atlassian SDK on Windows

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Not Windows? Linux and Mac users can view the install the Atlassian SDK on a Linux or Mac system

Before we start creating plugins, you need to configure a local development environment so that you can use the Atlassian SDK.

Note: These instructions are based on Windows 10.

Step1. Set Java_home, and update the PATH variable

JAVA_HOMEThe environment variable points to the location of the SDK on your operating system. For Windows users, the default path is C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.x_y that the x_y is the Java JDK 8 version number you have installed.

Set these environment variables:

    1. Find the folder of your operating system C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.x_y and copy the path to this folder.
    2. Open Control Panel > System > Advanced system settings
    3. On the Advanced tab, click Environment Variables.
    4. Locate the system variable and click New.
    5. Fill in the variable name with Java_home and paste the folder path you just copied into the Variable value field.
    6. Click OK to close the dialog box.
    7. Click Path in the system variable and click Edit.
    8. 将%JAVA_HOME%\binI append to the end of the existing value and use a semicolon; split the existing value.
    9. Close all dialog boxes.
    10. Open a new Windows command-line window and run the following command:


      Check to see if your output is similar to what appears above.

Step 2. Installing the SDK

Atlassian Developer Terms Last updated on 2015

If you download and/or use this SDK, it means that you agree to Atlassian Developer Terms

    1. Download latest version of the Sdkdownload the latest version of the SDK
    2. Locate the downloaded file, double-click the Run Installation Wizard
    3. Follow the prompts to complete the SDK installation
Step 3. Check if the SDK is installed

Open a command-line window and run the following command:


You should see a message similar to the following:

ATLAS version:6.2.9ATLAS home:c:\applications\atlassian\atlassian-plugin-sdk-6.2.9ATLAS scripts:c:\applications\atlassian\atlassian-plugin-sdk-6.2.9\binatlas Maven home:c:\applications\atlassian\atlassian-plugin-sdk-6.2.9\apache-maven-3.2.1AMPS Version:6.2.6--------Executing:"C:\Applications\Atlassian\atlassian-plugin-sdk-6.2.9\apache-maven-3.2.1\bin\mvn.bat"--version-gs c \ Applications\atlassian\atlassian-plugin-sdk-6.2.9\apache-maven-3.2.1/conf/settings.Xmlapache Maven3.2.1 (EA8B2B07643DBB1B84B6D16E1F08391B666BC1E9; 2014-02-15t04:37:52+10:00)Maven home:c:\applications\atlassian\atlassian-plugin-sdk-6.2.9\apache-maven-3.2.1\bin\.Java Version:1.8.0_91,vendor:oracle Corporationjava home:c:\programFiles\java\jdk1.8.0_91\Jredefault Locale:en_au,platform Encoding:cp1252os name:"Windows Ten", Version: "10.0", Arch: "AMD64", Family: "DOS"

Note that the MAVEN version you run is from the SDK.

Next Step

You have configured a local development environment for the Atlassian SDK and now you can compile your first plugin.

Creating a plug-in Create a Plugin

Installing the Atlassian SDK on Windows

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