Installing the sqoop-1.4.3-cdh4.5.0 encountered an exception that could not find the Sqoop class

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Exception in thread "main" java. lang. NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/sqoop/Sqoop

Caused by: java. lang. ClassNotFoundException: org. apache. sqoop. Sqoop
At URLClassLoader $ URLClassLoader. java: 202)
At java. security. AccessController. doPrivileged (Native Method)
At URLClassLoader. findClass (URLClassLoader. java: 190)
At java. lang. ClassLoader. loadClass (ClassLoader. java: 307)
At sun. misc. Launcher $ AppClassLoader. loadClass (Launcher. java: 301)
At java. lang. ClassLoader. loadClass (ClassLoader. java: 248)
At first glance, I couldn't find the jar package. This problem had plagued me for one day. It was useless to modify the lib by various modifications. The English documents found on the Internet were useless to modify the lib (the version was too new, no Chinese information ). Solution:
Go to $ SQOOP_HOME/bin and modify the sqoop script:
Before modification: exec $ {Hadoop_COMMON_HOME}/bin/hadoop org. apache. sqoop. Sqoop "$ @"
After modification: exec $ {HADOOP_COMMON_HOME}/bin/hadoop jar $ SQOOP_HOME/lib/sqoop-1.4.3-cdh4.5.0.jar org. apache. sqoop. Sqoop "$ @"
It can be seen that, because the hadoop command is used, it is required to install hadoop on the machine where the sqoop-1.4.3-cdh4.5.0 is installed first

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