InstallShield 64-bit OS packaging considerations

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InstallShield 64-bit OS packaging considerations

1, installation directory

Under 64-bit systems, the installation directory is in the Program Files and program Files (x86).

64bit application will be automatically installed under Program files;

The 32bit application will automatically be installed under Program Files (x86).

2. System Catalogue

Under 64-bit system, the system directory is divided into System32 and SysWow64.

The 64bit AP runs under System32;

The 32bit AP runs under SysWow64.

InstallShield Packaging Considerations:

Problem: When the 32-bit AP calls the Winsysdir variable, the default point is to SysWow64, even if the call to windir^ "System32" is forced to point to syswow64.

Solution: Disable (wow64fsredirection)

Wow64fsredirection: Play to determine the 64-bit system to reduce the role of which system variables, disable off, will be the default point to System32.

Note: When the installation is complete, remember to enable (wow64fsredirection) to avoid affecting other programs of the system.


In the Installing () event disable (wow64fsredirection);

Enable (Wow64fsredirection) in the installed () event;

This way the entire installation process will not have to consider when the switch.

Similarly, the uninstall process also has to be done in uninstalling () and uninstalled () to unload the corresponding part.

3. Registration Form

Under 64-bit system, the registration form is divided Hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionrun

and Hkey_local_machinesoftwarewow6432nodemicrosoftwindowscurrentversionrun

Have the 32bit AP registered in the default registry

Hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionrun, command: regdb_options = regdb_options | Regdb_option_wow64_64key;

At the same time, use up also remember regdb_options = regdb_options & ~regdb_option_wow64_64key;


It is necessary to note that the 32-bit-related directories, methods, are replaced with 64-bit. This ensures that the correct installation is under the 64-bit directory.

1.regdb_options allows registry functions to read and write correctly on 64-bit win systems, not read and write 6432node

Regdb_options = Regdb_options | Regdb_option_wow64_64key;

Regdb_options = regdb_options & ~regdb_option_wow64_64key;

2. Read InstallShield about 64 of the system catalog

3. Set Compoment to 64 bits


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