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Every holiday operation promotion activities such as nebula emerging, in many activities how to make your activity page design stand out, in the shortest possible time hold the user's footsteps. Let's take a look at the activity page information display rules to help your activity page enhance instantaneous lethality.

I. Highlights of IMPORTANT information

Important information about the active page is the activity title (let the user know what activity is being done), the award setting (what to get involved), the entry (the access to the task flow), the rules (how to participate in the activity), the active time, the ranking or the award-winning information.

Activity title (including verb), active time, award setting, participation entry must be included in the first screen security zone, the rules of activity can be partially included in the security zone.

The active text information uses the inverted pyramid structure, summarizes the summary information to put at the top, the importance descending successively. Enable users to browse the site with a minimum of time to understand the general picture of the activity.

Two. Task operation Flow smoothly

Before the user begins the task, if the task process needs to be presented step-by-step, a graphical flowchart is required to give the user an overall understanding of the task's operational steps.

In a user task, if you use a dialog box to host the task process step-by-step, provide the "previous step, next" boot mechanism.

When you are done, if you are currently outside the active page, you need to design an interactive mechanism to return the active page:

A) automatically jumps back to the active page after the activity completes.

Advantages: can automatically jump back

Disadvantage: Automatic jump return cannot be achieved when the activity completion page hosts other features.

b The Activity Completion page provides links to return active pages.

Advantages: The solution can not automatically jump back after the completion of the activity.

Disadvantage: Require the user to manually trigger the return link

c) active page Open modal dialog box.

Advantages: Close the dialog box to return.

Disadvantage: When you need to host more information and features, it is not appropriate to use the dialog box.

d the active page is reserved, the new open page jumps out.

Advantages: Low technology implementation cost.

Disadvantage: When the feeder task is too much, after a series of operations, the user window will be more.

Three. Timely response to user actions

When the participation activities and the eligibility for the award has limited the number of times, prompts the default rendering, the task is completed to immediately refresh eligibility status.

The user needs the action result feedback in the task process, the common need feedback situation:

A) The operation completes obtains the reward feedback

(b) Operation success or failure feedback

c) Operation Error Feedback

Four. Correct use of visual language to communicate interface information

The form of the button can be correctly perceived, eye-catching, prominent, jump out of the screen, using highlights, gradients, shadows, rounded corners, strokes and other enhanced perception.

Visual level of the page: high-light > Gradient > Projection > Solid-color > stroke

Content layer and background layer is distinct, can not interfere with the main page reading, avoid distracting.

The control that imitates system and QQ official client is forbidden.

Icons with interactive actions cannot exist as decorative elements alone.


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