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Each new version of the design is accompanied by challenges and passion, they become the product of continuous fine grinding power. After repeated scrutiny and temper, bred a new version of the QQ browser. This version optimizes the interaction structure, adding new applications + and sidebar gadgets. Of course, the changes in the UI are at a glance. As early as the end of last year, we put into the new version of QQ browser design. Now look back, the whole design has run through the concept of the integration of the design.

The design concept of "Rong"

Melt, there is integration, the meaning of integration. Just like light, water droplets, and the environment. Break the usual pattern and pursue a more harmonious and balanced relationship. And try to discard the Dengbal, inflexible image that the tool-type application brings to people. Melt, but also contains a concise, elegant, fluent characteristics. Let users get a better immersive experience. And to determine the simple, fresh, open, immersion-oriented design keywords.

Integration of design goals

This new version of the visual design style mainly from three aspects of comprehensive consideration

Enhance brand image

Since the QQ browser to replace the logo and slogan, the brand's unity has been more improved, the direction of development is more clear, this new version of the design needs to further enhance the QQ browser brand image.

Grasp the design trend

Whether it's the extreme graphic design of Windows Phone 7, or Android4.0 's crisp line design, it reflects the trend toward simplicity and brisk movement in mobile design. As a result, our new design needs to conform to this design trend.

Close the browsing experience

Browsers are an important window for users to get information. Its core appeal is convenient and quick to provide users with various aspects of the content. It is an important task of browser design to create content providing platform and creating immersive reading experience.

Integration of design performance

Color texture

From the QQ browser's new brand color, cloud concept and browser splash screen, we thought of the blue sky and white clouds, the world blend, a list of small scenes of the mountains. This is the concept of the integration of the design to convey the feeling of openness. Therefore, the classic blue and white plus smooth gradient, flat texture, as the first choice of QQ browser.

Hierarchical structure

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