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To further integrate the mobile phone and computer network platforms, Intel and Nokia today announced a long-term partnership to develop the next generation of Intel-based wireless computing devices and chipset architectures.

The devices jointly developed by both parties will run on the mobile version of the Linux operating system. Intel said they will get technical licenses for using Nokia HSPA/3G modem in future products. According to estimates by Wall Street analysts, Intel and Nokia will also expand to other online mobile devices, such as netbooks, on-board information and entertainment systems, and embedded products. Both parties did not disclose the financial details involved in the transaction.

President of Nokia's device department, Kai? Kaioistamo said in a statement: "We will explore new ideas in design, material, and display that will be beyond the reach of devices and services currently available in the market. This cooperation is not only significant to both companies, but also to our industry, partners and users ."

In the Linux-based operating system technology, both parties will adopt the open-source operating system moblin developed by Intel for smartphones and other mobile devices. Moblin will further optimize the Intel Atom processor. The Atom processor consumes less power and is currently mainly used in netbooks. Intel once said it plans to design a new atom chip for small mobile devices, including mobile phones.

Intel said that in addition to moblin, they will also optimize hardware devices for maemo. Maemo is a Linux-based operating system developed by Nokia and is currently used on the Nokia n810 platform. Analysts said that with the help of other open-source technologies, moblin and maemo will also seek to improve sound and graphics capabilities. Ofono, connman, Mozilla, and X. Org, bluez, D-bus, tracker, gstreamer, pulseaudio, and many other products are the first systems to be developed according to the cooperation agreement between the two parties.

In partnership with Nokia, Intel will make a major breakthrough in the mobile phone market. Nokia, the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer, has the potential to put Intel processors on millions of electronic devices. Currently, most smartphones, including Apple iPhone (mobile Internet), are running arm processors. Intel kernel micro-architecture consumes too much power, making it difficult to make achievements in the huge mobile phone market.

Intel initially tried to enter the smartphone market multiple times, such as its XScale embedded processor, this architecture is specifically used to drive the RIM Blackberry, the Dell aximx5 handheld computer series, and most palmzire, Treo, and tunsten mobile phones. For Nokia, joining forces with Intel helps to consolidate its position in the U.S. market. Nokia's modem technology includes protocol software and related digital design based on dual-mode WCDMA/3GPP 3GPP standards. Both at&t and T-Mobile are in accordance with the WCDMA/GSM technical specifications for products and services.


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Notice: The moblin V2.0 online and offline seminars will be held on March 13, July. Please stay tuned!

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