Intelligent Data Center Network management Infrastructure

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The new wave of technology brings higher bandwidth requirements for desktop applications, and higher bandwidth requirements for backbone networks. This means that your infrastructure network must be stronger, more reliable, and more usable than ever before.

It is undeniable that the network has become the fourth public facility in today's society and must be available all day. The days when IT managers or technical support staff need to work on "normal" working hours are gone. The data centers of today's global companies must be able to sustain access.

Every network device, every application, every server, and every TB of storage that is added to support network growth must be managed by IT personnel, and IT teams grow far short of the growth of the network. To do this, you must provide intelligent solutions to help it people keep up with these changes and help them improve their productivity.

In order to meet the demand of intelligence, more and more data center network is developing toward IP integration. Consolidation helps reduce the pressure to manage multiple systems and complex networks. In the foreseeable future, intelligent solutions that integrate video, data, voice, wireless, factory control, building control, building equipment and plant equipment into a single IP network will be a major development trend.

The realization of network intelligence needs to rely on intelligent infrastructure management system deployed in data center. Smart infrastructure management systems are not just hardware, it is a comprehensive set of supported solutions designed to help you record, manage, and monitor your physical network infrastructure.

Infrastructure operations software lets you know about hardware facilities, such as network devices, IP endpoints, and other system information, so you can learn about how network-tier devices are mapped to the physical layer.

The combination of hardware and software will give you unprecedented control over the physical layer infrastructure. You will have all the conditions required to capture, plan, and implement changes in a real-time, comprehensive understanding of the physical network infrastructure.

An intelligent infrastructure management system can accomplish the following tasks:

Comprehensive understanding and control of physical layer infrastructure

Increase productivity through automation and process efficiencies

Reduce capacity and asset management-related costs

Enhanced real-time viewing capabilities for physical locations of IP endpoints

Control work Flow

Shorten the Mac cycle and reduce rework by using a wizard-type wiring

Streamline audit and tracking processes

In data centers, workers can leverage-intelligent infrastructure management systems to improve productivity:

Network administrators have various reporting tools to keep track of unused switch ports, physical locations of IP endpoints, and completed, ongoing, and expired tasks

Cabling administrators can automate records of the physical layer

Technicians can track connections, receive necessary change guidance, handle warnings, confirm actions

IT and data center managers can increase productivity, automate change management, enhance reliability, reduce downtime, improve network security, and compliance

An intelligent infrastructure management system is like the Global Positioning System (GPS) in your Data center network. They can eliminate your blind spot, guide you along the quickest path to reach the destination, save you manpower and material resources.

By consolidating hardware and software and deploying intelligent solutions in the data center, you can get a real-time and holistic understanding of the physical layer network infrastructure through the deployment of an intelligent infrastructure management system.

Because they can be integrated into all aspects of the network infrastructure, so that you timely understanding of mobile, add and change. You will get a network console that gives you insight and knowledge that has never been achieved in the network.

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