Intelligent driving speed Limit Thunderbolt 7 overall co-ordination of bandwidth resources

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Thunderbolt 7.1.6 release, brought a new drive intelligent speed limit, Internet priority and network speed, with these three functions, we can better co-ordinate bandwidth resources, so that the download does not disturb other network applications.

First, the use of driving intelligent speed limit

1. Understanding Drive Intelligent Speed limit

Sometimes we use the Thunderbolt high-speed download, there may be some of the network game delay problems, the Thunder drive intelligent speed limit function can be a good solution to this problem.

Because the Thunder can be some network applications required bandwidth priority allocated to the network game. So, on the one hand, let the network game data packet first transmission, Thunderbolt download packets after transmission, and then realize the Thunderbolt download while the network game delay will not significantly increase; At the same time, due to the net production of the amount of data is very small (general 3-6kb/s between), so let this data priority in the "Peer-to-peer download" The impact of the transfer on the download speed will not be very large.

So, with the Thunder Drive intelligent speed limit function, playing online games when the same thunder high-speed download, but also to ensure that the network game pass "character location, operation message" packets can be transmitted immediately.

At the same time, because it is based on the operating system driver level, so the intelligent speed limit effect is very good, it is "kill the birds with one stone" solution.

2. Use drive Intelligent speed limit

Click the "Download First" button at the bottom of the 7 main window, select the "Drive Smart speed limit beta" → "enable" command (Figure 1), and then pop up the hint window as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 1 Enabling drive intelligence speed limit

Figure 2 Confirm installation drive Intelligent speed limit

Select the "I have read the above instructions carefully" check box, click the "Install Now" button to see the installation window, in the process, it is possible to eject the Microsoft logo certification (see Figure 3).

Figure 3 Confirm installation when eject driver certification

And the network will disconnect, generally will automatically reconnect, will not affect network use. Finally, restart the computer. In the future can be used in the Thunderbolt 7 drive Intelligent speed limit function.

Small Tips

★ Drive the Smart speed limit feature to support the most popular Windows operating systems, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and so on;

★ If we want to uninstall this driver, just click the "Drive Smart speed limit beta" → "drive smart speed limit beta" → "unload drive" command.

Second, the Internet priority

We use the Thunderbolt download, there is a common phenomenon, that is, the speed of the Internet may be slow. At this point we cannot limit the speed, because once the speed is limited, the download speed will drop directly. At this time thunderbolt developed the Internet priority mode, as long as you enable it, will be in the Internet bandwidth will be allocated to these network applications, and when these network applications no longer need bandwidth, the Thunderbolt will recover bandwidth for downloading.

This will ensure that Internet browsing and other network applications are not affected, while downloading can also use sufficient bandwidth, which can ensure that bandwidth can always be the largest optimization and application.

1. Open when browsing

When we open an application in the Thunder, and the application embedded in the Web page, the discovery is too slow, it will pop up as shown in Figure 4 of the cue bar, choose whether to open the mode (Figure 4).

Figure 4 whether to open the Internet priority mode

2. Open in Settings

In the Thunderbolt 7 main window below the "Download First" button, select "More Settings" command, in the pop-up as shown in Figure 5 dialog box to check the "automatic access to the Internet Priority mode" checkbox can be (as shown in Figure 5).

Figure 5 Automatic access to the Internet priority mode

Third, the network speed

Thunderbolt 7 New added a "Network speed" function, we can easily test their download speed and bandwidth, if found to have operator fraud, it can as evidence and rights, to ensure download speed.

We click on the "My Apps" tab in Thunderbolt 7, click the "Network Speed" application below it, and click the "Start Test" button to start. As shown in Figure 6, we can see that our current download speed is measured, as well as where we are.

Figure 6 Network Speed measurement function

If we are not satisfied with the location or feel the error, you can click on the left-most small icon, and then in the Open Settings dialog box Reset (see Figure 7), the submission will be the Thunderbolt obtained, and to verify or correct. This function is very useful, only to allow their own geographical location, can let Thunderbolt find the nearest node, and then to ensure the highest speed to download resources.

Figure 7 Setting the geography

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