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In the early 1990s s, with the improvement of computer performance and the increase of communication traffic, traditional local area networks have already surpassed their own load, and the emergence of switched Ethernet Technology, this significantly improves LAN performance. Compared with the current LAN topology based on bridges and routers, network switches can significantly increase bandwidth, while the addition of exchange technology can create a geographically dispersed network, the Application of LAN can be highly expanded, which makes the development of Ethernet Switching technology more intelligent and becomes an application development trend.
Diversified future development trends
Faster and more complex applications and more powerful PC applications continue to drive network traffic to a new high. To improve performance, the server is equipped with a 10-Gigabit Ethernet network. In the desktop field, declining prices are accelerating applications of Gigabit Ethernet, especially in the working environment, which tends to work together and usually requires sharing a large number of files, this is especially true for scenarios with centralized applications and multiple tasks.
Speed is a major indicator of network performance. From Mbit/s to Mbit/s is an important milestone in the development of Ethernet over the past 30 years. The arrival of the 10G network age will bring people a completely new and unimaginable experience. At present, people's requirements for bandwidth are rapidly increasing, such as the massive data transmission channels necessary for the rapid development of storage networks; a large number of metro networks with Mbps of bandwidth convergence; bandwidth support for a wide range of broadband applications, data centralization for large financial institutions, and expansion of complex applications such as enterprise core businesses, ERP, and CRM. Today, the gigabit network is the backbone and the 10-Gigabit network is the mainstream access architecture. The gigabit network is the backbone network and the gigabit network is the access structure.
Networks are changing our ways of learning, living, and working. Today's networks need more intelligent application development to support a variety of people's needs. According to speculation over the years of practical experience and development trends in network construction, Cisco believes that the current switch application technology, following the implementation of QoS and secure switching, has become another development direction for voice support. The Intelligent Voice Service of an Ethernet switch can integrate data and voice transmission. The customer only needs to maintain a unified network system, which greatly reduces network management costs. The voice service over Ethernet not only guarantees excellent call quality, but also supports rich value-added application development. The Application of IP Voice Over Ethernet will bring people from the traditional communication mode to the IP communication era. To support IP communication, in addition to implementing various security exchange technologies that maximize the QoS of effective network bandwidth applications and ensure network security, Ethernet switches are particularly important for online power supply. It is particularly worth mentioning that Cisco Ethernet switches have outstanding advantages in voice applications and online power supply, which is of great practical value to CEN users. In addition, as some switches are directly connected to the WAN, more and more switches have some routing functions. Considering the large-scale application of the next-generation Internet Protocol IPv6 in the future, cisco's next-generation switch also supports IPv6 hardware.
Ethernet is constantly expanding its coverage and is evolving towards wireless and long distance. Wireless Ethernet can meet the needs of people to access the Internet anytime, anywhere, and the world is setting off a climax of Wireless LAN construction. Wireless Ethernet technology has greatly expanded its coverage and is currently a hot technology. The background network technology and the support of the complete infrastructure are the basis for the development of wireless applications. The complete Ethernet architecture ensures the expansion of wireless network space and the perfect use of a variety of smart applications on wireless networks. Many provide users with a complete wireless network solution, which positions wireless networks in the applications of group users to facilitate their work and use, A wireless network is built on the basis of the wired network system, so that the wired and wireless networks complement each other and form a good fusion and unity between the two.
In addition, Cisco's long-distance Ethernet solution also expands Ethernet over distance. This technology is the Ethernet over the telephone line. VDSL signals are transmitted at the physical layer and Ethernet signals are transmitted at the second layer. It can extend the transmission distance from the original 100 meters to up to 5 kilometers, which is especially suitable for the city range and the speed remains unchanged. Any cable can be supported, greatly facilitating the application.
Ethernet Switching technology shows three trends
With the development of the information and communication industry and the advancement of information technology in the national economy, the Ethernet switch market has steadily increased. According to the current general market development trend, in the Ethernet switch market, the development speed is very strong and has great potential. Some experts estimate that in the future 1 ~ In the past three years, the market demand for Ethernet switch products in China will increase significantly, and IT will become one of the fastest growing fields. At the same time, with the acceleration of China's Social Information Process and the gradual opening of China's telecom services, the emergence of new broadband resident network operators and the gradual expansion of the Ethernet switch market.
The increase in user demand drives the intelligent network process, from the core to the LAN) and MAN ), meet the increasing network availability, scalability, security, and network controllability requirements during network development. In general, the development of the Ethernet switch market will show three trends: the 10GE interface will be widely commercialized; the development of optical Ethernet will add optical networks to IP addresses and IP addresses to optical networks, l3 added the DWDM/CWDM interface to work with optical transmission. The performance was constantly improved. It supports RPR networking technology, MPLS, and fast Spanning Tree Protocol, the integrated data, voice, and video services that can be managed and Intelligently Based on the IP platform will be gradually implemented, qoS, security, content distribution, MPLS, and other business features and solutions support will be the ultimate direction of Ethernet development.
In the future, Ethernet is an intelligent network that helps enterprises easily and effectively integrate data, business processes, and applications to closely connect partners, suppliers, and customers. Smart Information Networks can integrate data, voice, and video into a comprehensive, single, IP-based communication network. Intelligent products make the network easier to manage and operate efficiently, and faster products will meet the increasing bandwidth demand. More persistent products will protect customers' device investment by providing compatible devices and components, and avoid tedious, expensive, and large-scale network updates.
In addition, the development of MPLS technology and the gradual maturity of fast self-healing STP technology make ethernet technology even more powerful and can provide users with different QoS network services, in addition, the Ethernet technology has the characteristics of low networking cost and simple network expansion. The Metro Ethernet technology is favored by major carriers in China. In the next two years, the maximum speed of Ethernet may reach 40 Gb/s, and the development of 40 Gbit/s Ethernet technology is less difficult than the development of Gbit/s Ethernet. Author: Liu Yongchun, Technical Director of Cisco Systems China) Network Technology Co., Ltd)
Application Cases]
Three-dimensional blueprint application for Ethernet Switching
Today, Gigabit is the backbone and 10-Gigabit is the mainstream access structure, and will gradually transition to a 10-Gigabit backbone and 1-gigabit access structure. Cisco's next-generation switch products, Catalyst 6500 and 3750, represent the next-generation 10-Gigabit/gigabit switches, the emergence of these products in the market provides excellent product support for core and gigabit-to-desktop services and the possibility of further network upgrading in the future.
With the implementation of QoS and secure switching, vswitch application technology has become another development direction for voice support. The voice service over Ethernet not only guarantees excellent call quality, but also supports rich value-added application development. For example, you do not need to repeatedly set IP phone numbers, powerful IP phone conferences, and easy-to-use wireless IP phone numbers and IP soft phone numbers. The Application of IP Voice Over Ethernet will bring people from the traditional communication mode to the IP communication era.
From the perspective of the application field of Ethernet switches, as the LAN access method is gradually accepted by operators, it has become an important broadband access solution, driving the growth of the Ethernet switch market, this allows the Ethernet switch market to expand its market capacity. According to the current types of Ethernet switches on the market, M switches have become the mainstream in the market. The market share of M switches has increased, while 10 M switches have basically withdrawn from the market. In addition, the development trend shows that gigabit switches will gradually replace 10-Gigabit switches. From the technical point of view, the Gigabit Ethernet product already has very mature and complete technical standards. At the same time, the domestic network construction provides a larger space for the development of Gigabit Ethernet.
With the increasing maturity of Ethernet technology, it has gradually gained popularity in the Construction of broadband residential areas and smart buildings. The solutions and experiences of broadband network operators in China to construct Ethernet access technologies have become increasingly mature, open businesses will also be very rich, including broadband IP videophone, Community email service, VOD, online music channels, online schools, property management, and e-commerce. High-speed Ethernet access has many natural advantages due to its seamless integration with the IP network and excellent scalability. It is widely used by commercial users, with the improvement of service quality and the development and maturity of billing and management technologies, it will gradually enter home users.

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