Intelligent hardware Industry 2015 annual Forecast report

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2014 is coming to an end, and it is clear that for investors 2014 of the investment in the number of projects have achieved a small harvest. I sorted out the limited information, especially for angel investors, attention, wait and see, with the investment is almost concentrated in two areas, one is the mobile internet, and the other is intelligent hardware.

Why is mobile Internet and smart hardware These two areas, in fact, it is undeniable that smart hardware is the trend of mobile Internet industry evolution products. From this perspective, perhaps we can understand why investors ' enthusiasm for investing in mobile Internet is higher than that of smart hardware, at least in terms of the current investment situation.

Admittedly, investors who have invested in the Internet have not hesitated to invest in the mobile internet when the mobile internet arrives. This kind of investment behavior and decision-making, I define it as the thinking path dependence of decision-making, that is to say, people usually like to guide their thinking decisions based on their own experience. Because we have the experience of the Internet in the past, the unconscious will be diverted to the mobile Internet through this way of thinking.

Smart hardware, if strictly defined, is clearly not the exclusive domain of the Internet. The so-called use of the Internet thinking to do products, the essence is just a marketing concept, and this marketing concept can erupt because of the trend. A more accurate definition of smart hardware should be a cross-border, the product of the intersection of mobile Internet and traditional manufacturing boundaries.

Because intelligent hardware is the product of the intersection between traditional manufacturing and mobile Internet, the thinking path we are accustomed to is in the fuzzy area according to the decision. For the internet and the traditional manufacturing industry, the two have been in their own fields are wind, not too many giants, the relatively unfamiliar with each other. Or you can say that each other is familiar with each other's name, but not familiar with each other's body, but also no deep interaction.

At this time, the mobile internet suddenly stepped in, one foot on the internet, one foot on the traditional manufacturing, so in the Internet and traditional manufacturing outside the two areas of the third border industry appeared, that is today's smart hardware industry.

This intersection of the Internet and the traditional manufacturing industry in the two major areas of entrepreneurs feel that the smart hardware industry, it seems to be closely related to their own industries. In the eyes of traditional manufacturing practitioners, it seems that smart hardware is the only way to lean right. That is, in their own original product advantages, through research and development to add some intelligent elements, such as chips, sensors, app control, and so on, it seems to be possible.

Similarly, for the Internet industry practitioners, it seems as long as the left to the point is smart hardware. That is, with the help of existing Internet user groups, or the research experience of Internet users, and then the integration of traditional manufacturing, the transformation of it, adding mobile control elements, it seems that a mobile internet era of intelligent hardware was born.

And, of course, the third group, where some start-ups see the cross-border industry, where smart hardware is converging, seems a step away. So through the cross-border team, through the integration of industrial chain, trying to seize this new wave of business.

But from today's reality, whether it is the Internet, traditional manufacturing, or entrepreneurial people are busy in the smart hardware industry. But the other end of the market, that is, consumers seem indifferent, intelligent hardware industry is a two-day ice and fire. This phenomenon has left investors confused, starting in the second half of this year, some investors have chosen a wait-and-see attitude towards the smart hardware industry. It is a hot industry, outside the industry apathy.

Perhaps some people think that the smart hardware industry is a pit, such as the current hot smart light bulbs, smart sockets, smart bicycles and other products, almost no practical value, more of an admiring technology plaything, or for intelligence and intelligence.

For example, smart sockets, seemingly beautiful smart products, we can use the mobile phone to the home of electrical equipment switch control, it seems very smart. To think deeply, this product seems to me to be of little practical value. First, if we are to solve the problem of electrical equipment control, then the electrical equipment manufacturers can be fully loaded by the app to implement, without the need to add such redundant accessories; second, if the traditional plug-in manufacturers directly in the wall switch socket into the intelligent control chip, And then by loading the app and not simpler and more convenient; if it is to solve the switch control problem, perhaps the traditional button switch is more convenient, because we just need to directly to the switch on the socket to click on it, and do not need to take out the phone, and then open the app, then select the need to control the socket, And then operate on it, the four is intelligent remote control seems more dangerous, once the Trojan or hacking, the consequences will be more serious. This article is edited by ""

Intelligent hardware Industry 2015 annual Forecast report

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