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"User-centric, improve product usability and user satisfaction!" As the goal of interactive design, how to apply it to the actual work? How to evaluate whether the product is user-centered or not? To avoid factors such as tight project time, heavy task and insufficient personnel, sacrificing user benefits, reducing product experience, and thus reducing product competitiveness. The following interactive design principles are like lighthouses in the vast sea, guiding us in the direction of our progress ...

The text is inferior to the chart.

Text transmission information is relatively not intuitive, especially the logic, flow expression, the table relative to the rational, but still not as clear as the picture, such as flow chart, trend chart, column chart, weather forecast, road map, etc.

Example ONE: Weather forecast

Example two: real-time road conditions

Focus on user goals, not tasks.

Let the user success, the product will be successful, but also the goal of product design, but the way to achieve a lot of goals, to seize the user's goal, product design, often with less effort.

Example one: household temperature/Humidity meter

The user's task is to know the temperature and temperature in the room, and the purpose to understand the temperature and humidity in the room is appropriate, so to provide users with accurate temperature, humidity value, not the user really want, so need to show the comfort temperature and humidity corresponding to the interval value, more helpful to users.

Example two: Search "weather Forecast"

Users want to see weather conditions, search for "weather forecast", the user's tasks include: Input search keywords, click text links in the search results, focus on the user's goal, you should directly show the weather, give users beyond the expected results.

Reduce the user's memory burden, try to make the user identify, not memory

Human and computer, human is good at recognition and thinking, computer is good at memory, so, try to reduce the user's memory burden, let the computer do it good things.

Example one: Interactive optimization "Setting interface"

The original interface is a lot of settings, and text-oriented, increase the user's understanding and operating burden, optimize the corresponding icon, improve the recognition, reduce the user's memory burden, and use the slider instead of manual input, reduce the operation burden; Finally, the setting item "Set child lock" is deleted, which reduces the user's setting burden, In line with the "satisfaction of the user needs of the premise, the interface information and function less the better!" The principle.

Original Setup interface: (to be optimized)

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