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Registration & Login is a website portal, its design posture is to treat guests attitude. Although users may spend very little time interacting with the registration & login Each time, this "instant" is important, a node connecting the interactions between the user and the registration & login. Registration & Login All the details affect the ability to complete the product strategic positioning of the most basic tasks set to absorb the desired user's mission. Based on the research of many interactive design predecessors, the detail analysis is made in detail. Thanks for helping my friends around.

1, the registration process analysis and comparison:

1.1, registration and landing user experience bias:

: Ensure registered information security (long term)

: User registration process simple and rapid (instant)

1.2, the registration process analysis and comparison

① Tenpay: Choose the way to register > fill in Account Details > Email Verification > Registration Complete (available)

Tenpay backed by QQ This super huge user group, the Super large information flow processing technology experienced, very confident that the user registration process is not smooth or failure. For it to quickly seize a large amount of users is the first, the registration process is concentrated in one page complete, the most efficient.

② hundred Bao: Fill in basic registration Information > Registration complete (not used) > Mailbox verification > Fill in Account Details (associated bank card) > can be used

Hundred Bao only need to fill in user name, password, confirm password, mailbox, authentication code can register account, but not immediately use payment, need a series of verification and account binding to really use its payment function. Is the product has just put into the market a large number of new user registration situation of the temporary decentralized traffic strategy, reduce the user registration process is not smooth or failed. But for the user's use process, several different partitions of the operation slightly more complicated.

③ Alipay: Fill in basic registration Information > Mobile verification + Email Verification > Fill in Account Details > associated bank card > Registration complete (can be used)

Alipay's process security checkpoint is particularly rigorous, because it users a very large user community, can attract users of all the energy into the product. Experience Alipay very confident attitude focus on the user's long-term information security experience.

④TUMBLR: Fill in: Mailbox, password, domain > Authentication code, Confirm password > Mailbox Verification > Registration Complete (can use)

Tumblr's light blog positioning itself is more vertical, want to register the user is really want to later more and more durable use, so it's the characteristics of the registration process in the confirmation password with the verification code placed in the second registration page, so that the user to delay the confirmation password, the account password to remember the impression of deeper.

⑤ need the invitation code: Fill in Account number, mailbox, personal information > Wait Invitation code > Verify Invitation code > Registration Complete

Need to invite a lot of code is the initial period of the site, such as a period of time before the Le Live network, there are very vertical community sites, such as Pinterest, Snowball, they need to filter the user group through the invitation code to ensure that the user type is in line with expectations.

⑥ use SNS Account registration: Select SNS Portal > SNS Account login > Confirm Connection > Registration complete

The use of SNS account registration can quickly guide a large number of SNS users to register, in the initial product quickly occupy the market situation will be significant, but in the long run is not conducive to the development of their own unique user groups.

⑦ Sina Weibo/Thunder Network/Huawei Network disk: Fill in the basic registration information (information requirements are different) > registration completed > (mailbox verification)

No special requirements of the most common registration process is to fill out the basic information and mailbox confirmation on the registration completed, coherent, smooth and confident. It probably has a huge user in itself.

Summary: Interactive process associated with a variety of factors, registration & login needs according to their own and the environment tailored, timely adjustment.

2, registration & Login form of the overall framework analysis:

2.1, registration & Login Form area analysis:

The registration form contains 7 parts:

① Visual focus. Guide the user to fill in the information.

② label. What information should be filled in the input field.

③ enter a hint. Prompt for input field information how to fill in.

④ the input field. This includes text entry boxes, password input boxes, multiple selection boxes, Drop-down lists, radio boxes, and sliders.

⑤ operation area. Include links, buttons, toggle Authenticode, expand Hints, or protocols.

⑥ validation. The availability of information and feedback to users on their judgments and recommendations.

⑦ process instructions. Let the user know the interaction expectations.

The landing box is similar to the partition, just a general process only one step, there is no "⑦ process instructions."

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