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Current situation Analysis

At present, the prototype diagram of interactive designers lacks detailed documentation, which leads to high communication cost and quality risk, which is the original intention of this matter.

Goals and Benefits

1. Professional output, enhance their professional degree

2. Work with the development team more tacit understanding, reduce communication costs and try to avoid information omission and understanding deviation, the development team can be a common reference

3. Interface acceptance of the list (front-end development of the Demo review project function Preview Project test)

4. The project revision or changes the designer to be easy to consult

Description of the specific content?

Logic operation between complex pages and operation Logic of complex single page

Character limit (required number of characters displayed)

Links and Buttons point to

Interactive detail Description



Demand adjustment


1 logic operation between complex pages and operation Logic of complex single page

(1) The logical relationship between complex pages

(2) The logic of complex separate pages

2 character limit

(1) Page required fields should be annotated, unified in front of the field labeled "*", optional fill out the need for special labeling

(2) To improve space utilization, some table cells show only preview fields, and more information needs to be slipped across the display in the form of tips.

The explanation needs to be communicated clearly: 1. Limit 2. If the limit, how many words appear truncated 3. After truncation is displayed as an ellipsis or does not appear

3 links and Buttons pointing

(1) You need to identify each key link event on the page or each button event clearly. Some of them point to a page you have arranged, and some of the actions produce a result feedback ... (Page flow-pages flow is the responsibility of the interaction designer)

(2) Note that the operation is sometimes affected by the state, also need to mark its corresponding relationship

4 Interactive Detail Description

You can explain any effect you want here. Your collaborators will only need to use 10 minutes to read and mark the key points related to his work. You can always make a reference when you can't find someone. (Photo from Hedi Alibaba International Station interactive illustration)

5 Check

The form or list will often have a check, it also plays a role in guiding the user, there is no special format restrictions? The trigger here requires no linkage verification? such as "Please enter the correct message format" and so on

6 copy

(1) The operation prompts the information copy, if the operation succeeds, pops up "The choice table submits successfully", or the boot prompt class information, for example:

(2) The name of the field needs to be elaborated, pay special attention to the same interpretation of the product needs to be unified; but also can not generalize, how to call "goods", when is called "commodity"

7 Demand Adjustment

Please note the modification of the author, the reason for change, the details of the changes and the related to all the pages, such as a field adjustment may ripple to the relevant many pages of the adjustment

Something important.

The perfect annotation document, can never replace face-to-face communication

Document is to solve the problem

Callout form you can see, or you have any better experience, remember to share

Small projects or small requirements, for interactive delivery specifications, the individual feel can not only because of time and discount, agile can never be based on the quality of loss as a prerequisite

Two kinds of solutions:

1. Interaction designers evaluate more time for personal improvement documentation

2. Face-to-face communication with the front-end students according to the actual situation of the floor to replace the label

Two roles, interaction is the main writer and maintainer; front-end development is the author and the revising person, can effectively solve the design and front-end feasibility of the conflict

And thanks to Hedi's advice.

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