Interactive design of product development process and cooperation

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Product Development Process Introduction

The next two diagrams are product research and development simplified flowchart, interactive design link is increased in the demand and visual design, can visually see interactive design played a connecting link, but in fact what interaction designers do, how to work with other positions better cooperation, the following will be a detailed explanation. Before that, let's remember the nature of interaction design: Planning interactive behavior and designing the most effective form of achieving behavior.

No interactive design of the development process

Rapid development process with interactive design

Six levels of product development

Product research and development can be divided into the above six levels, in fact, "user experience elements" mentioned in the five-layer theory plus a implementation layer, so split, you can more clearly analyze the product from abstraction to the process of the image, understand the responsibilities of each post. Below will be a detailed analysis of what each level does, interaction designers at all levels of responsibility and role:

Strategic level

Content: Define the product direction, concept, positioning, objectives, etc.

Generally, the bosses are far-sighted, product managers think carefully, with research, marketing, interaction and other students to advise, not to say more.

Scope Layer

Contents: Rules, entrances, functions and contents of product planning

Person in charge: Product Manager

Collaborators: Interactive designers

Output: Requirements Document

In the requirements definition phase, product managers often make the mistake of expressing requirements by describing user behavior and interface forms:

Product managers often have to stay in the form of their own observation and vision, or from the user's point of view to describe their operations, to clarify their desired needs, and even have to use their own drawings to express demand. Why do you say that, look at your computer's own or someone else's requirements document, such as illustrations (these are the product manager to the interactive designer's requirements document):

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