Interactive designers must use 50 wireframe kits and online design tools

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Online Design Template


The online design tool of wireframe with the principle of content priority. Allows you to design a response wireframes using standard elements.


A prototype design tool for Web design and interface design.

Mockup Builder

Another prototype design tool


Select the device, enter the URL, immediately display the effect of the device diagram.


A good tool to realize fast interaction wireframe, customizable


A clickable prototype design tool. The user process can be validated.

Frame Box

Mockup Designer

Model tools that use local storage


Just throw the URLs in the code and get the job done quickly and safely.


Simplify the development of liquid layout, can build a precise, dynamic perspective.


A beautiful HTML5 application that can create Wireframes, models, UI concepts, prototype diagrams, and so on.

Pencil Project

Provides open source GUI prototyping tools, free download

Free wireframe Kit

Wireframe/blueprint Kit by Kai Husen

Flat UI Kit by

IPad Sketch Elements AI

Free Windows 8 Wireframe Templates for PowerPoint

Sketchapp Wireframe IOS by Sam | Sneek

Android Jellybean Wireframe Kit

IOS 7 Wireframe Kit by Blake Perdue

Flatstrap Sketch Freebie by Raphael Guilleminot


Free Photoshop Wireframe Kit

Wireframe Sketch

Sketching the IPad


The ultimate Wireframe UI Kit

IPhone Wireframe Kit by Trent Ottosen

UI8 Wireframe Kit by Creativedash

Tiny Wireframe Kit by Alexander Zaytsev

Android Wireframe Kit by Rodrigo Soares

IPhone Blueprint Wireframe Kit by Jd Uchima

IPhone 5 wireframes by George Treviranus

Printable IPhone 5 + iOS 7 Icon Wireframe by Jim Lears

Illustrator IPhone 5 Wireframe mockup by Justin Graham

Lessington by Anatasof Wirapraja

Nexus 4 Wireframe for. Sketch by Rodrigo Soares

IPhone 5 Wireframe Template by Tji Sousa

Mobile cooking App wireframe by Geckotree

Iphone Wireframe by Ashton Snook

Shapes for Sketch by Thierry Teyssier

Flat iPhone Wireframe Freebie by Gavin Anthony

Wireframe by Daryl Ginn

Galaxy S3 Wireframe by Bilal

Nexus 4 wireframe by Oleg Stirbu

IPhone Blueprint by Stafie Anatolie

Device wireframes by Chris Thompson

Ipad Retina Grid by Bryan Leung

Web/ux design Wireframe Template PSD by Irfan Mir

How to Wireframe a iPhone App in Sketch

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